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I.N.S. Victim

My original website is gone, due to my host being purchased by another company.
The old website can be viewed at Wayback (web.archive.org/web/2018*/insvictim.com).
I hope to slowly add some items back.

The intent of my original website was:   LYW was on the Golden Venture (1993);
Bill Clinton put her in jail indefinitely, with 300 other Chinese men and housewives.
I walked to the offices of both Senators Boxer and Feinstein in San Francisco
for help,   I got the bums-rush from both of them.
My bad experience with I.N.S. (now USCIS), the Lerdo Max/Med prison,
and the uncaring California Senators
landed me in the Oakland California Kaiser Permanente hospital
where my large intestine was removed in two major surgeries, disabling me for life.
There is an entire 1-hour documentary on the Golden Venture men that were held in jail
in Pennsylvania, but no mention of the ladies in Bakersfield, CA.

The ladies in the Bakersfield Lerdo prison made beautiful cards out of scrap paper, using chewing gum for glue, etc.
My wife drew this while in the Bakersfield Lerdo prison:

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Carlstadt, NJ, Lincoln School, class of 1963
Lycee' Malarme des Garcons, Sens, Yonne, France, Sept.1963-June 1964
East Rutherford High School, New Jersey, class of 1967
3 colleges, 1967-1984
PIB - Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, 1968, and Fall 1973
BCC - Bergen Community College, Paramus, New Jersey, graduated 1980 ?
NJIT - Newark NJ, graduated Dec.1984
School of Hard Knocks, 6 different states, 1967 to present, still taking classes.

Smith & Nichols Candle Factory, Carlstadt, NJ, 1967 ?, wonderful people !
Naval Applied Science Lab, Brooklyn, NJ, met Mr. Nathan 'Nat' Nadler
U.S.S. Butte AE-27, 1970-1971
Radioman 'A' school, Bainbridge MD, 1971
Naval Air Station, Norfolk, VA 1971-1972
COMCARDIV 2, 1972-1973 (U.S.S. Roosevelt, U.S.S. Independence, U.S.S. Forrestal)
U.S. Pioneer 1973-1980, best company I ever worked for
Kelly Girls and others 1980-1984
IBM FSD 1985-1990, Worst company I ever worked for
disabled, married, 1997

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