Dear Government: Common Sense, not politics

No amount of bureaucratic legislation can change the number of minutes between sunrise and sunset.
Local people time the school busses to the minute, they can certainly adjust to the sunlight hours all by themselves.
Also, the leading edge of sunlight is one hour different than the trailing edge,
what benefits the leading edge may not benefit the trailing edge;   again, let the local people handle it.

Not everyone changes the clocks;   not changing the clocks:
- makes chart times wrong, such as Tide Tables, especially printed media;
- causes errors when people or machines forget to change the time;
- makes TV times and show information wrong;
  I notice that some on-air TV listings are off by an hour until the clocks get changed back again.

Establish a board of doctors, an odd number (like the Supreme Court).
Like in the original Star Trek, let the board of doctors determine whether a
particular Congressman is mentally and physically fit to continue doing his/her duties.

Should NEVER be allowed on the front windows (windshield and 2 front doors);
ZERO tint, this is a major SAFETY thing.
- Policemen need to see inside the automobile for guns or other dangers;
- Policemen need to see inside to evaluate and monitor the occupants;
- Both Bicycle riders and Pedestrians need to see if the driver is looking at them
  so that they can safely cross in front of the car while it is stopped;
- Other drivers need to see if the driver is looking at them,
  and so the two drivers can hand-signal to each other if necessary.

Should NEVER be permitted. Especially the dark tinted ones.
The license plate is identification;
in case of stolen vehicle, crime, accident or for any other reason
it must be easy to read.
Some license plate covers are tinted, some are clear,
all get darker and pitted with age and become more difficult to read;
and becomes a method via which criminals can hide.
- government license plate readers cannot always see throught the tinted cover;
- Tinted license plate covers prevent victims or witnesses from reporting critical evidence.
Why is the government so intent on aiding criminal behaviour ?

Can two different states use the same license plate number;   for example ABC-123 ?
If so, then the State named on the license plate becomes a critical part of the ID
and should not be obscured by the license plate frame, as many are.

The Statute of Limitations says that if, after committing a crime,
you can escape detection for a specic length of time,
then you get a FREE PASS for committing that crime.
There should never be a Statute of Limitations on any crime
as long as sufficient evidence exists to go to court.
Having a Statute of Limitations states that the government is purposely
underfunding and understaffing the Justice system for reasons of convenience and expense,
and states that the government really does not care about justice at all.

Use of PRECEDENT in court should be outlawed.
Times change, laws change, judges are human, make mistakes, and have different opinions of law and justice !
Each Judge must make an individual decision based on current law and the specifics of the case.
To do anything else is lazy, dishonest, cheap and WRONG.

Collision Avoidance technology should have been mandated soon after it came out.
Mass production brings down the cost, and causes the technology to mature faster;
not to mention prevent a few accidents and save a few lives.
And note that it PREVENTS accidents, minimizing damage (and loss) to both automobiles and their occupants.

Saturday mail delivery is not needed.
I am not talking about the Post Office itself,
that should remain open on Saturday so the Monday to Friday employees can access it.
1. Traditional Monday to Friday business is closed on Saturday, they do not need delivery.
2. Do homeowners care if they get bills and junk mail on Saturday?   I think not.
3. 6 day delivery requires fill-in, non-postal employees, which not only costs extra,
    but the post office uses them to blame non-delivery on;
    this crutch needs to be eliminated;   the temps may actually do better work !
4. The Post Office needs the reduction in expenses.

In sum: Saturday service is not needed and the expense is not needed;   end it !

DDT is one of the best pesticides to kill bed-bugs;
it is claimed to be harmless to humans, and is still used indoors in other countries.
The problem with DDT was that farmers and others dumped thousands (or is it millions ?)
of TONS of DDT all over the land, often indescriminately.
Make DDT legal again, but only for INDOOR use in small quantities.

Subsidize 'monolithic dome' houses.   They are concrete,
and they are round,   the wind goes around them;
next best thing to building underground.
Also good in hurricanes,   and concrete does not burn.

NATIONAL PARKS: Require reservations, give one-timers priority.
It is a fact that they are being destroyed by overuse.
I live on the East Coast and twice tried to see Yosemite,
but both times it was flooded with Los Angeles people
who come out there every weekend.
Give reservation priority to those who have never been there.

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