Dear Government: Common Sense, not politics:

Government actually does a lot of things correctly,
so why is it that you get the below items so badly wrong ?

No amount of bureaucratic legislation can change the number of minutes between sunrise and sunset.
Local people time the school busses to the minute, they can certainly adjust to the sunlight hours all by themselves.
Also, the leading edge of sunlight is one hour different than the trailing edge,
what benefits the leading edge may not benefit the trailing edge;   again, let the local people handle it.

Not everyone changes the clocks;   not changing the clocks:
- makes chart times wrong, such as Tide Tables, especially printed media;
- causes errors when people or machines forget to change the time;
- makes TV times and show information wrong;
  I notice that some on-air TV listings are off by an hour until the clocks get changed back again.

Establish a board of doctors, an odd number (like the Supreme Court).
Like in the original Star Trek, let the board of doctors determine whether a
particular Congressman is mentally and physically fit to continue doing his/her duties.

Should NEVER be allowed on the front windows (windshield and 2 front doors);
ZERO tint, this is a major SAFETY thing.
- Policemen need to see inside the automobile for guns or other dangers;
- Policemen need to see inside to evaluate and monitor the occupants;
- Both Bicycle riders and Pedestrians need to see if the driver is looking at them
  so that they can safely cross in front of the car while it is stopped;
- Other drivers need to see if the driver is looking at them,
  and so the two drivers can hand-signal to each other if necessary.

Should NEVER be permitted. Especially the dark tinted ones.
The license plate is identification;
in case of stolen vehicle, crime, accident or for any other reason
it must be easy to read.
Some license plate covers are tinted, some are clear,
all get darker and pitted with age and become more difficult to read;
and becomes a method via which criminals can hide.
- government license plate readers cannot always see throught the tinted cover;
- Tinted license plate covers prevent victims or witnesses from reporting critical evidence.
Why is the government so intent on aiding criminal behaviour ?

Can two different states use the same license plate number;   for example ABC-123 ?
If so, then the State named on the license plate becomes a critical part of the ID
and should not be obscured by the license plate frame, as many are.

The Statute of Limitations says that if, after committing a crime,
you can escape detection for a specic length of time,
then you get a FREE PASS for committing that crime.
There should never be a Statute of Limitations on any crime
as long as sufficient evidence exists to go to court.
Having a Statute of Limitations states that the government is purposely
underfunding and understaffing the Justice system for reasons of convenience and expense,
and states that the government really does not care about justice at all.

Use of PRECEDENT in court should be outlawed.
Times change, laws change, judges are human and make mistakes;
judges each have different opinions of justice,
and judges each have different interpretations of the law.
Each Judge must make an individual decision based on current law and the specifics of the case.
To do anything else is lazy, dishonest, cheap and WRONG.

More about Judges

AKA Auto Emergency Braking or Forward Collision Mitigation:
Collision Avoidance technology should have been mandated
(like seat belts) soon after it came out.
Mass production brings down the cost, and causes the technology to mature faster;
not to mention prevent a few accidents and save a few lives.
Note that it PREVENTS accidents,   minimizing damage and loss
to both the automobile and its occupants,
something which seat-belts do NOT do.
Seatbelts attempt to protect the occupants AFTER the collision !

2023: An IIHS study predicts a 50 percent reduction in front-to-rear collisions
(if Collision Avoidance was mandated like seat belts).

Saturday mail delivery is not needed.
I am not talking about the Post Office itself,
that should remain open on Saturday so the Monday to Friday workers can access it.
1. Traditional Monday to Friday business is closed on Saturday, they do not need delivery.
2. Do homeowners care if they get bills and junk mail on Saturday?   I think not.
3. 6 day delivery requires fill-in, non-postal employees, which not only costs extra,
    but the post office uses them to blame non-delivery on;
    this crutch needs to be eliminated;   the temps may actually do better work !
4. The Post Office needs the reduction in expenses.

In sum: Saturday service is not needed and the expense is not needed;   end it !

Choose one:
A. Post office delivers your letter to your mailbox in 5 days.
B. Post office delivers your letter to someone elses mailbox in 2 days.
Option B. is the current Post Office Philosophy.
I prefer Option A;   giving other people my mail is NOT a 'service' !
Congress ignores the entire problem.

The United States business system was predicated upon a reliable
Post Office;   that is no longer true.
Email and other electronic formats are not reliable substitutes,
and not universally accessible.

A customer pays money to have a letter delivered to a specific address,
by delivering it to the wrong address, the Post Office FAILs to earn that money.
How can I put it more plainly ?

It is also dishonest in that the Post Office now uses their
bad delivery reputation to increase sales of Insurance and Tracking !

This is not a one-time problem,
it is a continuing problem that started when Congress 'privatized' the Post Office.
Some people say that that is not true,
if so, then why is the URL and not ?

Subsidize 'monolithic dome' houses.   They are concrete,
and they are round;   the wind goes around them;
next best thing to building underground.
Also good in hurricanes,   and concrete does not burn.

Require reservations, give one-timers priority.
It is a fact that they are being destroyed by overuse.
I live on the East Coast and twice tried to see Yosemite,
but both times it was flooded with Los Angeles people
who come out there every weekend.
Give reservation priority to those who have never been there before;
and to those who come the farthest to see it.

The HIPA Act is the biggest waste of paper I have ever seen.

My childhood doctor died and his wife sent all my medical records
to another doctor in town that I had never seen.
This second doctor promptly trashed all my medical records
without notifying me that he had them;
so when I requested them, they were gone.
Trashing a persons medical records should not be legal.
All my vaccinations and childhood diseases were in that file;
Dr. Naclerio showed it to me the last time that I saw him.

Why can an individual NOT have their own medical records?
Why does the government think that my medical records are
better off in the garbage than in my hands ?
Did I not pay for those records when I paid the doctor for his services ?
Now when a doctor asks me if I had, for example, chicken pox,
I do not know;   I was a child back then,   I do not remember.

If a doctor does not want certain medical records,   they should:
1. be offered to the patient (who paid for them); or
2. turned over to a central agency/clearing house that will hold them.
This way the patient or their family knows where to find their medical records.

Medical records should not be trashed unless:
1. the patient requests it, or
2. the patient and family are all deceased and their are no living relatives.

Spoofing is when someone calls you on the telephone
but the number that you see on your telephone
is not the number that they are calling from.
Short definition: Disguising a communication from a malicious source as trusted.
Supposedly not legal, but with such a big loophole that the
government does not go after offenders.
Spoofing is mostly used by people trying to cheat you;
why would any honest business or person would need to do this ?
Spoofing is WRONG.
There is no reason that any honest business or individual
should be hiding their telephone number from you
if they are calling you.
The loophole should be closed and all spoofing stopped.

under development

ADA TILES: Another Federal stupidity.
ADA tiles are those yellow bumpy tripping hazards
in the sidewalks at the corners. ADA tiles

STOP SIGNS: Who sets the rules for this ? Stop Signs

How can you possibly think that raising the minimum wage has no affect on inflation ?
Data from online, so I cannot vouch to its accuracy:
$0.25 Oct. 1938 <-- I did not think that it went back this far.
$0.75 Jan. 1950
$7.25 July 2009

Other than building it underground,
the best tornado resistant house is probably the monolithic dome.

Not the best looking, and not as cheap as a stick-built house,
but if the government would subsidize the equipment needed to make it,
this type of house would prevent a lot of damage, loss of personal property,
loss of lives, waste of natural resources, and filling of garbage dumps.
We would not be seeing on TV the massive destruction.
Besides being made of concrete, it is round,
the wind does not have a flat surface to push against,
and there is no actual roof to get sucked off.

GOVERNMENT communications: When you talk to the lawmakers:
I talk to the wind,
my words are all carried away,
I talk to the wind,
the wind does not hear,
the wind cannot hear.
- King Crimson

DDT is one of the best pesticides to kill bed-bugs,
and is still used indoors in other countries.
The problem with DDT was that farmers and others dumped thousands (or is it millions ?)
of TONS of DDT all over the land, often indescriminately.
Make DDT legal again, but only for INDOOR use in small quantities.

European Countries:
Admittedly, it has been decades since I was in Europe, mostly in 1964;
Europeans loved to criticize the United States for many things;
and that did not bother me.
But what I am dismayed to see in 2023, is that France,
Germany, and Great Britain have all made the same
major mistakes that the United States Congress has made.

Dear Government of China
Your antagonistic attitude towards Taiwan is the wrong way to go.
If you attack Taiwan you will be treated as Russia is treated for attacking Ukraine.
It is your trustworthy business sense that has made you the world powerhouse that you are.
Mexico could have been you, but their culture values the bribe, they are not good businessmen.
You have much to lose by being belligerent;   due to your threats
some of your valued customers are already looking to do business elsewhere; India for example.
My advice is to befriend Taiwan; open up trade with them, establish good relations with them,
cooperate with them in projects, protect them like a family member, but do not smother them.
Noone likes a bully, except other bullies.

Who is in charge of Medical Stuff ?
January 2024: I just became aware that Cephradine 250mg
is being sold over-the-counter (OTC) in Chinatown NYC.
Cephradine is a broad-spectrum antibiotic for treating both gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria.
Purchasers are using it to treat colds (a virus) and any other ill that befalls them;
they take it for one to three days until they feel better;
this is exactly how anti-biotic resistent bacteria are created.
Is this legal ?
Hopefully they did not have any bacteria in the first place to take advantage of this ignorance.

Feel free to print these out and mail them to your Congressman.

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