Speaking of Judges:
I recently saw a one hour television show about serial killer Larry Eyler.
There is a lot online, just search on that name.
He was pulled over for a routine traffic stop,
and the officer recognized the name as a suspect,
so they searched his truck and found evidence of the murders.
    Due to a techicality, a judge threw all that evidence out and
set Larry Eyler free, after which he killed Danny Bridges.
    Both the Judge and the lawmakers are guilty of the
murder of Danny Bridges.   Eyler should have been in jail.

Judge: from Websters II office Edition, New Riverside Dictionary 1984
"To decide authoritatively after deliberation"
"A public official authorized to decide cases brought before a court."

    I see three components to the U.S. 'justice' system;
the lawmakers, the judges and the police.

The lawmakers are clearly the biggest part of the problem.
Long ago, when the laws were not so detailed, the judges were
supposed to rule based upon the 'intent' of the law,
but they abused the privelege,
so lawmakers wrote more detailed laws
so that the judges could not screw it up;
this actually made things worse.
The police are the best part of the 'justice' system;
they are human and make mistakes, but overall,
they do far better than either the lawmakers or judges.

Judges should judge based on the INTENT of the law,
not on the LETTER of the law,
which is often badly written, changed, or wrong.
It was not the INTENT of the law to free Larry Eyler to continue killing people !

The below is about Immigration judges,
but it shows the lack of uniformity in judges:
one judge denied asylum 95% of the time,
and for the same conditions,
another judge approved asylum 93% of the time !
New York City Immigration Judges ranked
by Asylum Denial Rates for Chinese
FY 2000 - FY 2005

                      of cases  Percent
Name of Judge 	       Decided 	Denied
William F. Jankun 	  421 	94.5 	1
Sandy K. Hom 		  785 	93.2 	2
John Opaciuch 		  666 	91.0 	3
Paul L. Johnston 	  299 	86.0 	4
William C. Peterson 	  270 	81.9 	5
Barbara A. Nelson 	  719 	79.8 	6
Adam Opaciuch 		  966 	79.7 	7
Joseph Russelburg 	  204 	78.9 	8
Gabriel C. Videla 	  548 	74.1 	9
Roxanne C. Hladylowycz 	1,059 	72.4 	10
Paul A. Defonzo 	  701 	66.6 	11
Miriam K. Mills 	  337 	57.6 	12
Jeffrey S. Chase 	  383 	54.3 	13
Noel A. Ferris 		  369 	54.2 	14
Joanna M. Bukszpan 	  597 	51.9 	15
Victoria L. Ghartey 	  523 	51.4 	16
Philip L. Morace 	1,065 	49.4 	17
Robert D. Weisel 	  794 	47.9 	18
Charles M. Honeyman 	  148 	45.9 	19
Helen J. Sichel 	  624 	45.4 	20
Douglas B. Schoppert 	  955 	41.9 	21
Theresa Holmes-Simmons 	  824 	40.3 	22
Sarah M. Burr 		  876 	40.2 	23
Matthew T. Adrian 	  202 	38.1 	24
Elizabeth A. Lamb 	  802 	34.4 	25
Bridgette Laforest 	  940 	32.1 	26
George T. Chew 		  958 	29.0 	27
Noel A. Brennan 	  133 	27.1 	28
Patricia A. Rohan 	  973 	25.2 	29
Annette S. Elstein 	  837 	24.9 	30
VivienneEGordon-Uruakpa	  376 	21.8 	31
William Van Wyke 	  335 	19.1 	32
Terry A. Bain 		  896 	11.8 	33
Margaret McManus 	  929 	 6.9 	34

*Analysis covers judges who made at least 100 decisions
"on the merits" for Chinese asylum seekers represented by an attorney.
Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse, Syracuse University
Copyright 2006

Long ago, there was very little law, and judges became the law.
But as many judges abused their authority,
law makers made more and more laws
to try to curtail the abuses of the judges.
Unfortunately, many of the laws are bad and now even a decent
judge has his hands tied by the law and cannot do the proper thing.

The last time that I read something in the newspaper
that shouted 'justice' was a long time ago;
it happened in Isreal, not the United States.

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