ADA Tile

yellow ADA tile

At first I wondered what these bumpy things were for.
I did some research and found that they are mandated by Congress in the ADA,
American Disabilities Act.

When I saw a blind man, with a cane, in Walmart;
I asked him if he knew about these things.
He said 'Yes, they are tripping hazards'.

The ADA act, of course, does not explain the history or reason for these tripping hazards.

I thought back to when I walked around in New York City in the late 1960's.
I saw many blind people with canes;
they used their canes to feel their way down the sidewalk until they felt the curb on the edge of the street;
Seeing Eye dogs also alerted the owner when a curb was present.

But the idiot Federal Government mandated wheelchair ramps everywhere,
whether they were needed or not.
So the curb that the blind people used to find the street was gone.
I am guessing that the bumpy tripping hazard is supposed to replace the now-missing curb for blind people.

Neither the wheelchair ramp, nor the ADA tile should have been universally mandated.
Each should have only been mandated when and where requested by a disabled person.

I would not be surprised if some congressman was bought off by the ADA tile manufacturer;
there can be no other excuse for this level of stupidity.

ADA tiles are a major hazard to small wheels, as in roller skates, skate boards, walkers, etc.
Many of them are badly installed and the edges pop up to trip pedestrians.
A criminal waste of time, money, labor, and raw materials.

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