Dear Non Government:

Dishonest / rip-offs / BE WARNED:
Recovstick and Photostick
are both just dumb USB memory sticks,
with a reference to a smart-phone app that you download.
Their advertising does not tell you that.

If you do not know how to use your directional signals,
what makes you think that you know how to operate the rest of the vehicle ?

If you could not fix simple bugs in Windows XP (and prior)
and you dragged the same bugs along to Windows 10,
plus added more bugs along the way;
why should I think that you can do Windows 11 right ?

I was hoping that you would improve on Microsoft;
no such luck;   proprietary formats, etc.!
Also no 'back' button on the ipad and iphone!

Companies CHANGING the LABEL:
Let me use Campbells soup for example.
It cost money to design a new label, box, etc.,
and change the machines to print it, etc.
And then, being an old, inflexible fart,
I can no longer recognize it/find it on the shelf !
Therefore I no longer buy it.

Why do companies do this ?
Is it that the young, who always want something new,
have more buying power than the old,
who prefer to keep buying the same product ?

In my previous house I had a poured countertop,
(fake Corian) with an overmount stainless steel sink.
The countertop material was soft and scratched easily;
but no maintenance was required.
There was one large scratch
(created from pulling out the microwave to clean behind it)
but the scratch was very hard to see, although easy to feel.
There were also tiny scratches that you could not see
unless you shown a light across the countertop and looked for them.

When I moved to a townhome, I had a granite countertop
with an undermount stainless steel sink.  I hate it.
If you bang a glass or ceramic item on the stainless steel
sink edge, it bounces.  But granite is a very hard rock,
and requires sealing every year.
Because it is an undermount stainless steel sink,
there is no stainless steel lip around the sink,
there is a hard rock edge,
and all my glass and ceramic items are chipped or broken
from banging them on the edge (yes, I am clumsy).

   We have place mats and pot-holders all over the
granite countertop to prevent banging any hard items on the granite.

So, in my opinion, Granite countertop sucks, and undermount sink sucks.

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