Hercules Speaker Stands for sale;   $100 for 1 pair

Local sale only : I will not ship this item.

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Hercules Speaker Stands

I have 2 different pairs.
The short pair is: 12 3/8" High with 9"x10" top plate.
The tall pair is: 15 3/8" High with 9"x10" top plate.

I think that the legs can be filled with sand or lead shot.
Each pair comes assembled and includes a set of directions,
eight cone points, and eight threaded spikes.

A set of eight casters is $25 additional, only one set is available.

I weigh almost 200 lbs and have often used one stand to stand on
(without the casters); I have no idea how much weight they can support.

Most of the photos have been downsized, contact me if you need more detail.

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