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Ships & Sailing (magazine)
Kalmbach Publishing Company, Milwaukee, WI
1951 - Oct, Nov, Dec
1952 - Feb, Mar, Apr
Ships and the Sea
Kalmbach Publishing Company, Milwaukee, WI (may be a continuation of the above magazine)
1952 - Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov
1953 - Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec  (Oct 1953 pages 49-54 cut out)
1954 - Jan, Spring, Fall
Marine Age; Gardner Publishing Corp., NY, NY
1938 - December (No.2)
1939 - Feb (No.4), Mar (No.5), Jul (No.9) <- This issue is damaged, a corner of p.25-26 cut out.

Marine Age, July 1939  : (page 27-28 is also cut/damaged, but not removed):
This issue contains an Editorial titled "Biting the Hands That Feed 'em":
(written long before the age of 'political correctness' obviously).

Page 18:
"When we reach the point where a labor leader can tell an employer, government or private,
that the employer will hire his workers from a particular Union hiring hall or there will
be no operations carried on, then we have arrived at the stage where national leadership is
decidedly noticeable by its absence."

Page 19:
" We sympathize with the Pacific Coast because we believe their latest marine trouble
was as uncalled for and as asinine as the spectacle presented by W.P.A. "workers" going
on strike and thereby placing themselves in the light of biting the hand that feeds them."

Marine Age, March 1939  : Page 7 : Crossrips:     (Congressmen take notice !)
"... there's no profit in a strike - and where there's no profit, there's no business;
and where there's no business there's no taxes to collect."

Ships & Sailing, December 1951, page 39
New York City, Pier 90, from foreground: the Mauretania, the Queen Mary, and the Britannic.
3 ships at Pier 90 in NYC

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