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Please email me (see bottom of page) if you know what this item is.

It is about 3 inches long, I forgot to include a ruler in the photo.

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I.N.S. Victim

My original website is gone, due to my host being purchased by another company.
The old website can be viewed at Wayback (web.archive.org/web/2018*/insvictim.com)
I intend to slowly add some items back,
I moved from a house to a townhome and need to downsize a lot.

The original intent of this website was:
Bill Clinton put my wife in jail   she was on the Golden Venture;
my bad experience with I.N.S. (now USCIS), and the Lerdo Max/Med prison,
and my destruction in the Oakland California Kaiser Permanente hospital.

I later added some personal interests, and then added
the 'For Sale' section as I try to downsize my accumulation of stuff.

smart voter

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