Ludwig Steiner   (06 Oct 1874 - 05 Aug 1965)

Below is Ludwig Steiner, taken at Steiners Landing, East Rutherford, NJ on the Hackensack River, early 1940's. Ludwig Steiner Ludwig Steiners business card

The photo on the right, below, is of a painting of Ludwig Steiner in his German Navy uniform, circa 1895,
possibly painted in China.   On the left may be the original photo the painter used.

Ludwig Steiner SMS Aegir sailor Ludwig Steiner SMS Aegir sailor

Grandpa Steiner arrived in the U.S. 28 October 1899.

In his 80's, Grandpa wrote his autobiography.   It is titled "Grandpa's Life Adventures and Polemic."
Based on the first paragraph, he began writing it in October 1959.
There is much interesting detail about his early years, and the hard time he had getting to the United States;
but as he got closer to the present, there was less and less detail, and more socialist philosophy.

The original manuscript was done on a small, portable, manual typewriter of poor quality, so I did not wish to scan it.
The page numbers below refer to the original typed manuscript.

I have corrected some of the grammatical and spelling errors to make it a little more readable, I left others in for flavor;
but please send me an email if you spot any typing errors, I usually cannot spot my own typing errors.

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