Stop Sign observation

  WMBF TV had a short segment on the television maybe Tuesday evening 08 Nov 2015
about 2 guys running a stop sign and hitting another car with 2 men in it, 1 died.

First this background information
 from the Public Works Director of Surfside Beach (10 Nov 2014):

"According to the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD),
 which SCDOT follows closely,
 and the town to the maximum extent practicable,
 I offer the following:

 1- The minimum height from the ground to the bottom edge of a stop
 sign in a "rural area" is 5 feet. The minimum height in
 a commercial or residential area, "where parking or
 pedestrians are likely to be present", is 7 feet to the
 bottom of sign. We generally are at somewhere in the middle
 on Town streets. So, if the sign encountered on Pine and
 Poplar is 80 inches off the ground, it falls just under the
 7 foot parameter.

 2- Stop bars and road lettering are supplemental to stop signs,
 but not mandatory. We have installed many stop bars here in town,
 nonetheless, in the past few years. Modern thermoplastics
 have reflective properties, and I have found them to be
 useful at many intersections. Since Poplar Drive is a
 state-owned road, their policies prevail on that road, though."

  When I lived in Carlstadt, NJ,   I heard that a man was sueing the town because he had run a Stop Sign and hit another vehicle;   he claimed that a tree blocked his view of the Stop Sign.   I drove to that corner to see what the issue was.   I drove up to the Stop Sign normally and watched for obstructions to my view.   What I found was that the tree was too far away from the Stop Sign to obstruct the view,   rather the Stop Sign was so high up in the air that once I got close to it the roof of my car blocked me from seeing it,   I would need to be in a convertible with the top down to see that Stop Sign.

  In Surfside Beach I again live on a corner with a Stop Sign, and, just mowing my lawn, I can see cars running the Stop Sign at the speed limit or greater almost every day.

So I measured the height of the Stop sign on the corner of Pine Drive N and Poplar Drive N:

the bottom of the Stop sign is 80 inches off of the ground,
the bottom of the word 'STOP' is 90 inches off of the ground,
total Stop Sign height is 30 inches.

The height of the roof of my Honda Fit is 60",
30" below the word "STOP";
the height of my eyes, sitting in the Honda Fit, is 48",
42" below the word "STOP";

The height of my neighbors pickup truck roof is 72",
18" below the word "STOP";
the height of the middle of the windshield on the pickup truck,
which is where most people will be looking through the windshield,
is 60", 30" below the word "STOP".

The height of the roof of my neighbors SUV is: 66",
two feet below the word "STOP".
The height of the middle of the windshield of my neighbors SUV is: 54",
3 feet below the word "STOP";

You can see the Stop sign over the roof of SUV's that pass by it.

  The WMBF TV news video showed automobiles going past the Stop Sign at the corner of the collision.
You could see how high the stop sign is above the tops of the automobiles in the video !

  My neighbor is smarter and more observant than me, he observed that there is no large white line showing where to stop, and no word STOP painted on the street, and that people are looking DOWN at the road when they drive, not watching airplanes go by, which is where the Stop Sign is located; so painting STOP on the road may be more effective than the Stop Sign.

  If there is an obstacle in the road, wood, trash, dead animal, you normally see it and avoid it, right ?
Why ?
Because you are looking DOWN, not up into the sky where the airplanes and stop signs are located.

  Something is wrong with the regulations for the height of Stop Signs,
are they out of date, or written wrongly in the first place ?
It seems to me that the height of the Stop Sign should be no higher than the average vehicles windshield
so that the driver can look straight out the windshield and see the Stop sign easily.

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