Don't just vote, Vote Smart

  The media has conditioned you to believe that you must choose between the Democrats and the Republicans.   Not true.   There are many other valid parties to vote for, referred to as 'third' partys, but never mentioned by the media because the media is mostly owned by the Democrats and the Republicans and they cannot stand any competition.

  Democrats and Republican are dependent upon you being conditioned to vote for one or the other.   So when one party abuses their power beyond your tolerance, you vote for the other party, which then abuses your trust, and so you vote the other party into power again, etc., back and forth like a tennis ball, inviting continuous abuse, and continuous power and employment for the iResponsible Republicans and Delusional Democrats.

  Let's say your are one of the many that don't bother to vote because you are so disgusted with the way things are.   Not voting tells the Democrats and Republicans that you are not sufficiently upset with the current level of dishonesty to bother to vote;   or that you actually approve of what they are doing.

  When I first voted in New Jersey (1976 ?),   New Jersey sent me a great sample-ballot, with a paragraph from each candidate on the back.   One of the candidates said 'I know I don't have a chance to win, but if you don't like the way our government is being run give me your protest vote'.   I did, and have been voting for third-party candidates ever since.

  Voting for a third-party candidate puts you on record as not supporting the abuses of the Democrat and Republican parties.   If millions of voters were to join me in voting for third-party candidates,   the Democrats and Republicans would quickly take notice and either reign-in some of their abuses or get voted out of office.


  A few of the abuses of the Democrats and Republicans:

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