Dear Vicente Fox, President of Mexico

  YOU (Mexico) could have been the third-world manufacturing GIANT that now is China. You are closer to the U.S.A. than China so transportation costs would be much less; all your citizens would be employed; prosperity and a new middle-class would grow by staggaring amounts.   You would be envied around the world and deified in your country.
But that didn't work out for you;   YOU blew it by having such a bribery-based dishonest government that U.S. businessmen could not do business in your country.   You went for the short-term petty cash instead of cashing-in for life on the big long-term money.

  Imagine that !   Communist red-chinese are more trustworthy than democratic Mexico ! Who'd a thunk !

  Well, since you turned down the most sought-after manufacturing base in the world because you insist on being dishonest, I have a dishonest proposal for you to make millions of dollars: You know how the U.S. Government is going to SELL H-1B visas to any foreigner?   Well YOU can sell Mexican citizenship !!!!!   For, let's say $10,000 a head.   The Chinese, amongst others, will line-up for miles to put the money in your hands, and after they get Mexican citizenship they will run across the border into the U.S.A. along with your own citizens and you will never see them again;   all profit, no costs,   what a deal !

  You DO have to exercise a small amount of integrity though, even in this venture. Those who buy Mexican citizenship MUST be protected from banditos, government or otherwise, until they can get across the border. If you try to rip them off for anything more that the citizenship cost, word will get back to others and your lucrative new business will dry-up very quickly.   So try to use a little more long-term brains than you did with the manufacturing fiasco.

  The U.S.A. infinitely favors Mexicans and persecutes the Chinese horribly. It will be interesting to see how the U.S.A. treats Chinese with Mexican citizenship. If the U.S. ships the Chinese back to Mexico like it does the Mexicans, they can just walk back again, like the Mexicans.

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