Digital TV vs Analog TV

Digital TV takes much longer to acquire a signal than analog TV, especially if signal is weak.
Digital TV fails badly, it is either good or useless.
Analog TV is still visible even when the signal is poor, it fails much more gracefully than digital TV.

LED lights

Having recently moved from my house with 4-bulb flourescent light fixtures in every room
to a townhome with pathetic Seagull LED can lights in some rooms
and generic 60 watt light fixtures in other rooms, fitted with 60 watt 2700k light bulbs,
I have done a lot of investigating into LED lighting.

LED's use low voltage DC electric, house electric is 120 Volt AC,
so the electric must be converted from AC to DC for the LED's to use.
In LED technology this is called a 'driver'. It is built into the base of each LED bulb.
This is why LED bulbs are so big, and if you feel the base of an LED bulb after it has
been on for a while, you will notice that the base is warm to hot.
LED's are efficient but I suspect that most of the power being used is in the drivers, not in the actual LED.

Anyway, 100 watt LED bulbs are larger than 60 watt LED bulbs
and will not fit in my existing light fixtures
(I know, get a bigger light fixture, I am working on that);
but I was thinking,

put the 'driver' in the light fixture instead of in the bulb !

This would greatly reduce the size of the bulb and how much heat it generated !
I am not an engineer, there are some important things that I do not know regarding this idea,
for example: all other things being equal, can a 6500K LED bulb use the same driver as a 2700k bulb ?
If not, then my idea would cause more trouble than it is worth.

Put the Phono Preamp in the Turntable, not in the receiver/integrated amplifier/pre-amp

At U.S.Pioneer, pre 1980, both an electrical engineer and myself, separately,
had the idea to put the phono pre-amp in the turntable instead of in the receiver;
the engineer tried, but could not get anyone interested.
Now, 30 years later, all the USB turntables have the phono pre-amp built into the turntable;
one reason being that most modern audio equipment does not include a phono pre-amp.
Even if we had patented the idea, a patent only lasts 10 years, right ?

Roller Skates

In the late 1970's, I had floating axles on my speed skates,
other skaters put a hex-hole screw in the center of the truck but that didn't work for me,
so I came up with the idea to grind down some open-bearing cones and use those on the axles;
now in 2013 what do I see on new skates ?
Exactly what I was making by hand 35 years ago !

Forward Collission Avoidance 2015

This concept has many names, mostly depending on which car company makes it.
Forward Collision Avoidance
Collision Prevention Assist
Pre-Safe Brake

NHTSA calls it:
CIB - Crash Imminent Braking
CMB - Collision Mitigation Braking
DBA - Dynamic Brake Assist
ABA - Automatic Brake Application

  Please make the above mandatory for all automobiles as soon as possible.
The number of fender-benders that this technology will prevent
could have an impact as great as seat-belts;
save millions of dollars, natural resources,
time, paperwork, insurance costs, etc.
  Mass production will bring the cost down quickly if
all new automobiles are required to have it.
  My wife has been in 3 small accidents in 3 years
and this technology could have prevented all of them !

'Professional' used to mean good workmanship;
now it just means that someone got paid to do the work.

January 2016 prediction

    The new 'Touch Screens' in automobiles will cause
accidents the same as texting.
Blindfolded, I can turn on my car radio, air-conditioning, etc.
by feeling the knobs, buttons, etc.
    But a 'Touch Screen' must be looked at
which means taking your eyes off of the road.
And how easy will it be to see in bright sunlight ?
or with your sunglasses on ?

    15 April 2016, Registering to Vote
My neighbor refuses to register to vote
so that he does not get called for Jury Duty,
which many people do not want to serve on.
He said that Jury Duty is a punishment for voting.
I don't want to do Jury Duty because I believe that we have
far too much law, too little justice, and some bad judges.

Long ago, there was very little law, and judges became the law.
But as many judges abused their authority, law makers made more and more laws
to try to curtail the abuses. Unfortunately, many of the laws were/are bad
and now even a decent judge has his hands tied by the law and cannot do the proper thing.

Time Travel

    09 July 2014, reading "A Brief History of Time" by Stephen W. Hawking"
I will grant that time is a dimension by virtue of our being able to measure it.
But what is time ?   Time is actually a measure of movement.
The rotation of the earth governs our 'days',
the movement of the earth around the sun governs our 'years', etc.
I submit that the notion of 'going back in time' is absurd.
Lets pretend that we can reverse ALL celestial motion.
Using the moon as an example, it takes one hour for the moon to go from point A to point B.
We reverse all celestial motion and it takes one hour for the moon to go from point B back to point A.
Now 2 hours have passed, we did not go back in time.

But wait, what if the moon is moved instantaneously from point B back to point A ?
Doesn't that violate the law that nothing can move faster than the speed of light ?

If we travel faster than light we can indeed SEE things that happened in the past.
We already can see light from a star that was emitted a million years in the past;
so, in a sense, we are looking back in time.
But we cannot GO back in time; if we could instantaneously travel to that star,
when we got there we would see the star as it is now, not as it was a million years ago.
Time only goes in one direction.

    Actually, think of length, height and breadth.   They also must always be positive.
Can you cut a stick to a length of minus one centimeter ?
We can deal mathematically with negative numbers of anything, but can we do it physically ?

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