For Sale Terms

No Returns,   No Refunds.
Shipping is usually by UPS ground;   Myrtle Beach post office is extremely unreliable and irresponsible.

I am not a business, just an individual trying to find a new home for his items.
USA only;   even Canada was a nightmare to ship to !

Payment is by Postal Money Order
I check everything before I ship.
If applicable, I can make a small video showing that the item works as I did with the tuner on this page:

Shipping damage is the responsibility of the carrier.
I only offer shipping because the Myrtle Beach market is too small for my esoteric items.
New York City would be a far better marketplace, but I don't live there.

I may refuse to ship large, easily damaged, or high-value items.
I prefer selling locally, where you can examine the item before purchase,
and USPS gets no opportunity to lose or damage the item.

I do not sell on ebay because ebay protects the buyer but not the seller.

April 2018 I no longer can accept Paypal payments.
Paypal has changed something but I do not know what.
Paypal says that Federal Government rules changes are to blame.

The Process:
1. I pack your requested item.
2. You give me your address at which someone is present to sign for the delivery.
    I will need to tell UPS/Fedex whether the address is business or residential.
3. I get an accurate weight and cost at the Post Office or UPS or Fedex.
    I pay the additional cost for the signature.
4. UPS is automatically insured for $100.
    There may be additional shipping options, such as higher insurance.
5. You send me a Postal Money Order for the item, plus shipping charges.

6. I mail the package the same day I cash the Postal Money Order.

Note: I do not check my email every day;
when I am busy with other work I tend to avoid the computer.

End of instructions.

below is criticism of US Post Office

I do not like to use the Post Office:
I shipped six packages of items a few years ago, three were smashed and one was given to the local thieves, thats a 75% failure rate.
One package that was given to the thieves was insured; it took me one year of paperwork, submitting copies and documentation over, and over, and over, to get $50 back on a $100 loss.

Another package I sent from SC to FL was crushed in the middle and had a clear footprint where someone had used it as a stepping stool or just plain stomped on it.   It was not insured, I lost 100% of the value of the package, plus shipping costs.

  USPS delivered several mail-order CD's to a house with the same house number as me but a very different street name, and did absolutely nothing when I complained about it, I never got the CD's back.   No compensation from the Post Office for the losses, of course.
I also received mail with the thiefs address and always put it in his mailbox, or gave it back to the mailman.

  My wife has also had numerous incoming invoices and outgoing checks lost at her business, and has had to pay late charges for the Post Offices errors.   No compensation from the Post Office, of course.

  The Post Office exam (I have taken it) stresses MEMORY,   but NOT ACCURACY.
The Post Office also pays IBM to test the SPEED of their mail delivery,   but NOT the ACCURACY.
Mail delivered to the wrong address is infinitely late, so they do not include this error in their speed of delivery calculations.

  The Post Office should be returned to government control; don't let them handle anything but your junk mail.   They have also screwed-up my forwarded mail multiple times. I did not get compensated for any losses.   Anything goes in the Post Office these days, there is no longer any enforcement of Postal Regulations.

  UPS: Circuit City sent two camcorders to my grand-daughter at her place of work. They never arrived.   UPS showed us a signed receipt but it was not signed by anyone who worked there.   UPS never figured out who they gave the camcorders to, but at least they paid for the loss.

  2018: I moved again and USPS is still mis-delivering my mail; neighbors get my mail, I get their mail.
This is true of both my Surfside Beach address and my Myrtle Beach address.
I put in a forwarding address and 2 months of my mail disappeared, bills, bank statements, everything.
I went to the Myrtle Beach post office 6 times to complain, they did nothing
and they refused to tell me where all my mail went to.
I contacted my banks, utilities, etc., and they said that the mail was not returned to them.
I requested to see the Myrtle Beach postmaster and was refused, they said that was not allowed.
I contacted the office of the U.S. Postmaster General and was told that he has nothing to do with mail delivery anymore.
I went to my local congressmans office and was told that they could do nothing about the Post Office !

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