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Windows XP patches gone !

After reloading the Windows XP Operating System onto your PC after a hard-drive failure or whatever,
you went online to
and there were the Windows XP patches that you could download, almost all security patches.
The last time that I reloaded Windows XP on my PC I downloaded 117+ of them, and omitted a few more.

Remark: apparently "support" or "patches" did not include fixing bugs in the software, only security issues.
Examples of non-security bugs:
1. Sound Recorder does not work on my PC because I have more than 2GB of ram !
2. The DOS shell gives an erroneous count of files copied.
3. For a .txt file I did "Properties" and got:
    Created: Sunday, September 13,2015, 11:46:48 AM
    Modified: Saturday, January 12, 2013, 10:35:10 PM
    The file was Modified over 2 years before it was Created ?
4. (I will add more as I encounter them) )

If Microsoft can't get the simple stuff right, why should we think they can get the complicated stuff right ?

I once managed to download the actual patch code onto my PC for one single patch
(not the process referred to above), it took about 1 hour;
I wanted to be able to reload the patches after reloading the Operating System, without going online.
But then I did not know how to use what I had to install the patch, so I stopped.

Anyway, Microsoft, out of spite and the desire to wipe Windows XP off the face of the earth, took down the patches.  
It would have required zero effort to leave them online, most of us users were not asking for additional patches, just leave us with what was already online. But no.

Anyone who purchased a Windows XP machine or Operating System
PAID for these patches when they bought the original OS.

It seems to me to be an indication of Microsofts uncaring and dismissive attitude toward its customers.

Before purchasing any Microsoft product, potential customers may want to consider that Microsoft will eventually dump them also.

Attn Stephen Eliasof, Vice President, Marketing
Regarding your letter received 27 Sept. 2016

My need is simple: internet access.

I was a customer of TWC for over 5 years,
never late on a payment.
When I turned in my equipment,
it was just routine for the clerk,
they didn't care why I quit.

NEW customers, who never gave you a penny,
would get lower rates than a customer who had
paid you faithfully for 5 years.

This clearly states that the NEW customer
has far more value than the existing customer.

So I hunted around and found Frontier.
Their DSL was equivalent to your service
and their equipment was FAR cheaper and better
than the TWC equipment which I had been renting.

The letter from Stephen Eliasof says
"often it seems easier to just stay with what you already have"
very true, I already had TWC, you had me,
but you made it clear that you did not want my business.
Frontier WANTED my business.

Stratitec Ink:   I bought a small quantity of ink from Stratitec, it worked fine,
so I bought a larger quantity. What they did not tell me, nor can I find it on
their website, is that it has a one-year expiration date, and it did indeed go bad,
and I wasted time and money for over a year trying to figure out what was wrong
before someone at the company told me that it expires.
There is no warning or expiration date on the ink bottles or the box.

Impressive Concrete: owner Tom Baker of Myrtle Beach, SC
I paid him to build me a new house, instead he built me a handyman special.
The windows he installed, MW Patriot NC 1300/1400 Single Hung, have the worst screens
I have ever seen in my life; and the windows themselves have a high failure/leak rate.   Not to mention that I ordered double-hung in the first place.
Patriot discontinued this garbage window and then went out of business.
On a scale of 1 to 10, Impressive Concretes customer service was deep in the negative numbers.

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