How Congress Screws You

POLITICIAN : someone who is in office to look after their own interests.
STATESMAN : someone who is in office to look after the interests of their constituents.
Pork Barrel : Your money that Congressmen steal to buy votes in their own states.

  Ever hear of Senator Pork-Barrel (KKK) Byrd of West Virginia. The biggest thief of taxpayer money ever in Congress, and he is proud of it and brags about it ! (KKK because he was once head of the Ku Klux Klan). West Virginians may benefit from his stealing but not the rest of the United States populace.

  Congress votes on large packages of different items all mixed together. Congress claims the reason for this is to save time voting;   this is a lie.   The amount of time congressmen spend negotiating who gets what spoils in the package far exceeds any time that would be spent voting on each item separately.

  Voting on a package-of-laws allows the Congressman to lie to his constituents, saying that he voted for the 'good' portion of the bill and had to take the 'bad' portion along with it, stab his constituents in the back without admitting it, and is how billions of dollars in pork-barrell spending are approved without anyone having to acknowledge that they voted for it.

  All congressional bills should be small and specific, and never packaged together, so that each congressmans' voting record would truly reflect what he voted for. This would force some small level of responsibility upon our Congressmen.

  Are American voters really so stupid that they cannot figure this out?

  All laws should be prefixed with an 'Intent' paragraph which would say in simple English what the intent of the law is, and any decisions made by judges should comply with the intent of the law, not the 'letter' of the law which is often defective. Most laws should have a sunset clause so that ancient laws do not continue to burden us like some of the tax laws. The nation and our society is changing / evolving, and the laws are not keeping up.

  In Star Trek the Captain commands the ship, but the ships Doctor can relieve the Captain of his post if the Doctor determines the Captain is not fit for command.   The U.S. needs a panel of doctors that can relieve any top U.S. officials, like the president, congressmen, Supreme Court judges, hi-level appointees, etc. of their position if they are deemed mentally or physically unfit to command the most powerful nation on earth with the most nuclear weapons, etc.   Possible subjects: Ted Kennedy, Pork-barrell Byrd, the late Stom Thurmond, possibly the late Ronald Reagan with his alzheimers.   Someone like Steven Hawkings should be allowed to serve; although almost 100% physically disabled, there is no question regarding his mental capabilities.

It could probably be shown by facts and figures that there is no distinctly American criminal class except Congress.
Mark Twain

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