Hammond Reverberation Unit

reverb springs

This item has been sold, retained here for reference only.
never used, age unknown, well over 30 years old.

Label inside says (besides all the patent numbers):
"Gibbs Manufacturing & Research Corporation, Janesville, Wisconsin
Subsidiary of Hammond Organ Company, Made in U.S.A.
Notice: - Purchase of this device does not conver a right to make, use or sell the system covered by U.S. patent # . . ."
Patent Canada 1963"

Under the 6709 is # 1122 stamped into the metal,
and on the end is # 34, in black ink, with a square around it.

I think I purchased these from Surplus Electronics on Hackensack Street in Carlstadt, NJ,
sometime in the 1970's. Surplus Electronics was located in the former Carlstadt Post Office building.

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