Warning about Pinnacle software

My brother bought a Pinnacle product recently and couldn't load it on his PC.
Turns out it had sat on the shelf for more than two years and the product key had expired.
He had to fight with the store to get them to take it back.

From an online review by PT:

Beware Pinnacle's Duplicitous Practices, July 28, 2008

This review is from: Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Version 12 [OLD VERSION] (CD-ROM) 
Pinnacle's Serial Numbers and Activation Keys expire after two years. 

This applies to all Pinnacle software, not just software downloaded online.
Activation Keys bought online AND Serial Numbers for software bought in retail stores
only work for two years. 

It's in the fine print - which you can't even see until you rip open the box
(thereby forfeiting your right to a refund) and click the "Yes, I Agree" button
during installation. 

If you have to reinstall the program (or any part of it) two years and a day after buying it,
you will have to completely repurchase the software. 

What's especially fishy about Pinnacle is how it will suddenly start crashing at 2 years
after initial installation. My video drivers stopped working at a point, I'd later realize,
coincident with the 2 year anniversary of my having installed the Pinnacle software. 

In trying to fix the suspiciously-timed program crash I was mystified to learn that a number
clearly printed on a CD sleeve was suddenly "Not a Valid Serial Number."
The Activation Keys I'd bought online, and had on file, were suddenly incorrect. 

I contacted Pinnacle, who informed me of the two year statement in the agreement.
Here is an excerpt from their email: 

"The reason you are not able to obtain a redownload of your purchase is 
that the Extended Download Service was not purchased with your download 
and the time to purchase this service has expired. Unfortunately, this 
means that in order to obtain the product, you will need to repurchase it." 

Keep in mind - I was asking Pinnacle for no software.
All I needed was a Serial Number and Activation Keys,
because the Serial Number printed on the CD sleeve itself,
and the Activation Keys I'd received two years earlier no longer worked. 

Just something you might want to keep in mind before buying Pinnacle software.

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