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  I.N.S. is a "Fee for service" organization, they charge for every form that you submit. I.N.S. is a monopoly, and, of course, the service is horrible, abusive, slow, and full of errors.   The government should allow private businesses to compete in offering the same 'services' that the I.N.S. offers !   Competition could quickly put this criminal agency out of business.   But there must be more than one company to promote competition,
otherwise it could turn into a worse disaster like the Post Office.

  Spring 2005: I called South Carolina U.S. Senator Lindsay Graham's office long ago to seek help with my I.N.S. and disability problems. They just blew me off, like the offices of California Senators Boxer and Feinstein.
I had heard that Senator Graham had been an officer in the Navy; having been in the Navy myself, I know that there are a lot of decent officers there but as soon as I heard him speak on a radio talk show I knew instantly: politician, in the worst sense of the word. I am sure that the welfare of his constituents is the last thing on his mind.

  19 August 2005
I called South Carolina U.S. Senator James DeMints office in Columbia again; they are working on two small problems for me: a USCIS mistake, and the Guangzhou, China U.S. Embassy which is as bad as I.N.S.; they throw your letters in the garbage, hang-up on you if you telephone them, and IF they answer your email, they send some cut-and-paste trivia that has nothing to do with the question that you asked, amongst other problems.
But they refuse to let me meet with the Senator to address the problem of me being disabled by the criminal I.N.S., the fact that there is noone to report INS criminals too, that the INS is above the law and can do anything they want, etc.

  November 2005
I was contacted by Senator DeMints office, they fired the guy doing the I.N.S. work in Charleston; he had done nothing for me.

  February 2006
I was contacted by Senator DeMints office, the new lady who replaced the fired guy says the USCIS mistake has been located and could be redirected in six weeks.
Had a 'fight' with Senator DeMints scheduler who claims it took two weeks to get a FAX that I sent three times and I called both his Greenville and WashDC offices many times during the two weeks just to get a confirmation that they received my fax; no such courtesy. I sent letters in 2004, 2005 to both Senators and Henry Browns office to request a meeting with them about INS, not even a courtesy reply that they had received my letters.

  22 August 2005
I talked to someone in U.S. Representative Henry Browns office (actually I have been there before for several problems) and they said no Congressman could help, my problem was too big; mabey I should try the Justice Dept. As I said in my text, I contacted the Dept. of NOjustice many times before. I still have their telephone number memorized: 202-514-2000.

					David L. Wright
					address suppressed
					email suppressed
U.S. Senator James DeMint
Attn: Debbie Valis
1901 Main Street,  Suite 1475
Columbia  SC  29201
					14 July 2005

Honorable Senator DeMint,

                         In 1996 I was a normal healthy person, I was
an amateur speed skater, bicycled, helped other people, had hobbies, a
job, interests, career, retirement, benefits, etc.

     Then I decided to visit (wife), a refugee from the Golden 
Venture, who was in the Bakersfield jail for no reason.  (No reason?  She
entered the country illegally, but so do 10,000 Mexicans per day and you 
don't put any of them in jail for four to six years!  Yes, Ying was in 
jail for four years and Wan Tin Jin, a Chinese middle-aged housewife was
in jail for six years for no reason; Thailand criminals also in jail were
released after only three years and went on to kill a dentist and shoot 
his wife.  You cannot say that there is any justice in the U.S. justice
system.)  I have seen high government officials recorded testifying/LYING
to Congress that they don't know that anyone was held for that long.

    The stress of visiting was extreme.  When they (my wife and the other
ladies in prison with her) were taken anywhere they got motion sickness
and their possessions were routinely stolen by I.N.S. employees.  Lin Yan
was beaten black and blue for no reason by bully prison guards.  The
ladies were refused medical or dental care, other than toxic Tylenol.
My (future) wife told me every week when I visited her that her teeth 
hurt, her teeth were black, her skin on her face was black, she was
underweight, and the I.N.S. didn't know that she had Hepatitis 'B'.  She
was outraged when the jail gave her mail to another inmate who stole it.

I arranged, with great difficulty, to get some dental care for my wife and
when taken to the dentist she wore more metal than serial rapists/
murderers I have seen on TV; handcuffs, anklecuffs, waist-cuffs.  She was
a minimum security prisoner in a maximum security facility.  A total 
waste of taxpayer dollars that housewives should be kept in jail at all.

    In November of 1996 I stayed at the San Francisco Youth Hostel and 
walked to both Senator Feinsteins and Senator Boxers offices several times
and sought help and wrote out complaints;  these disgraceful senators have
instructed their offices to not help constituents. 

     As a result of all this stress I developed diverticulitis and landed
in the hospital.  I was admitted to the hospital three times for a total 
of 24 days, and two major surgeries.  I had an egomaniac thoracic surgeon
by the name of Stephen 'the butcher' Granelli who added further damage.
I spent more than two years trying to recover before consulting an 
attorney who said "One year statute of limitations" and showed me the 
door.  Statutes of limitations benefit criminals greatly, just know the
victim senseless or deceive them for one or two years and its not a crime
anymore.  These short statutes of limitations are wrong and give criminals
a free pass to commit more crime.  

     I will never recover, I am permanently physically and mentally 
disabled and dying slowly; some vital pieces were removed in surgery.  My
descending colon and sigmoid colon were hacked out along with vital glands
and ??? which are attached or near the intestine.  It would have been much
better if I had died on the operating table while under anesthetic;  
I have been dying slowly and suffering ever since.

     I.N.S. refused to provide any information I asked for and refused,
three times, in writing, to provide me with BLANK FORMS.

     As a result of trying to get payment for Fong Zhen's stolen luggage
I found out about the I-95 form and filed it;   I.N.S. replied "two year
statute of limitations".  I spent five years trying to find a Federal
tort attorney,  he said "sorry, two year statute of limitations".
Victims have no rights whatsoever, only criminals like Tony Marian
Assistant District Director of the San Francisco I.N.S. office and 
Mike Lizzeraga Chief of the Bakersfield I.N.S. office.  I took Fong Zhen
into Tony Marians office and he lied to our faces about his employees
stealing her luggage and refused to investigate.  When I called the 
Bakersfield I.N.S. office, as directed by I.N.S. San Francisco Public
Relations Sharon Rummery, Mike Lizzarage said he "couldn't be bothered"
to talk to me, he was going "4-wheeling in the desert".

     I am requesting much help from you:

1. legal action against I.N.S. for my disability;
2. a system thru which I.N.S. victims can take get justice;
3. investigation of I.N.S. San Francisco for years of theft, I.N.S.
   Los Angeles has no trouble admitting that I.N.S. San Francisco has
   " a theft problem".  Everyone involved knows but there is no
   investigative path.  I.N.S. victims have no Geneva Convention to 
   protect them, nor is there any investigation as there is when the 
   military commits the slightest impropriety;
4. Re-imbursement to my wife for the theft of her property.

					I.N.S. VICTIM,
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