More of Dads old tools

2 drill bits and containers
Above: 2 unused drill bits: black tube says "2.point 120 deg included 15 deg clearance, RAWL 1/4"",
gray tube says Diamide Spiral Twist Masonry Drill Bit, Carbide Tipped, 1/4", catalog #7704, made in USA,
Diamond Expansion Bolt Co. Inc., Garwood, New Jersey

old Wire stripper
Above: Wire stripper is marked 'General No.68'

old Metal Finishing Cloth
Above: Carborundum Electrocoated Aloxite, Aluminum Oxide, Metal Finishing Cloth, flexible, 50 yards, 150 ???

drill-chuck tool
Above: unopened drill-chuck tool AEG 931-221-378 Bohrfutter-Schlussel, AEG-Heimwerker

unknown tool
Above: has the number "7" engraved on the spade part, it is 10.5cm long (about 4 1/4")

unknown tool unknown tool
Above: says Wright 7T-32898 on handle,
but handle looks like it was welded on to the box wrench end, so this tool was hand-made for some specific purpose.

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