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Who is responsible for I.N.S. Bakersfield?
I called each I.N.S. location in turn in 1996:
I.N.S. Los Angeles says I.N.S. Fresno is responsible.
I.N.S. Fresno says I.N.S. San Francisco is responsible.
I.N.S. San Francisco says I.N.S. Los Angeles is responsible.
I.N.S. Bakersfield was so out-of-control that noone would take responsiblility for this office.

  Tim and Terry Palmquist organized several vigils outside the jail and also got many people to call I.N.S. Bakersfield to protest the bad treatment of the Chinese ladies, to no avail.

  I contacted the Public Relations officer Sharron Rummery at I.N.S. San Francisco and she told me to call I.N.S. Bakersfield Chief Mike Lizzeraga, and gave me his telephone number. When I called him an aide answered the telephone and I told him what I wanted. He called Mike Lizzeraga to the telephone and the INS Chief said "I can't be bothered",   "I'm going 4-wheeling in the desert".

  I.N.S. Bakersfield would sometimes take the ladies to San Francisco I.N.S. When they left the jail they would be checked-out by the jail, as if they were not coming back. I.N.S. put the ladies and their baggage on a bus, then they would drive several hours, then transfer the ladies to another bus which would continue the trip to San Francisco.   Most of the ladies would be very sick at the transfer point and I.N.S. employees would take advantage of that to steal (not transfer) some of their baggage. On one trip to San Francisco, Wife noticed that part of their baggage had been left on the loading dock for the INS employees to steal; she warned the other ladies and they raised such a fuss that the rest of their possessions were reluctantly loaded on the bus.

  The Bakersfield ladies had almost no legal representation since most Immigration Attorneys are in big cities like Los Angeles or San Francisco. Wifes family paid thousands of dollars to an attorney in New York City who filed a little paperwork but then did nothing. Then they retained a female attorney in New Orleans (who later became a judge) who took money and did nothing. Then they retained a Los Angeles attorney who took thousands and did nothing. I think some of the ladies were represented by a free male attorney in San Francisco who I think ended up in jail; I never found out the truth on that story.   Wife was finally represented by a free female attorney in San Francisco who said that the Los Angeles attorney should be jailed for stealing money from Wife and doing nothing.   This is a very common problem for Chinese asylees, they are robbed by greedy attorneys who do nothing because I.N.S. then deports them back to China and the attorney keeps the money and there is noone left to complain; easier than shooting fish in a barrel and totally legal.   In New York State the attorney can keep the Chinese persons original documents and hold them for blackmail money, and so that the person cannot change attorneys.   I complained to the New York State Bar in writing and they confirmed that this form of blackmail is indeed totally legal in New York State and the New York State Bar Association supports it completely. I met an attorney in New Jersey who said this blackmail was not legal in New Jersey because she had written the law making it illegal in New Jersey.

  In 2000 or 2001 (?) I heard on the radio that Washington state lawyers had taken I.N.S. to court for illegally deporting illegal aliens. I didn't think that this was possible until I remembered Lin Yen who was beaten black and blue, her money and possessions were stolen by I.N.S., and then she was put on an airplane with nothing but the clothes on her back.   An attorney had filed for asylum for her and she was being held pending a decision on her paperwork. I think that also the attorney is supposed to be notified before their client is removed. Lin Yen had no idea what was happening until the airplane was over water and she had the chance to ask the stewardess where the airplane was going. The judge found the I.N.S. guilty, but there will be no restitution for the victims.

  INS employees in New York City have been caught selling green cards, work cards, and who knows what, to illegal aliens.

  Speaking of documents: the first time I went to file a claim at the government Unemployment office in Passaic, New Jersey, I forgot to bring my Social Security card. The person at the window told me to go down to the Mexican shop on the corner and that they would print me a social security card on the spot for $10.

  I saw the following on the USCIS.GOV website home page in August 2005:
"Notice of Proposed Settlement Agreement in Asylum Adjustment Class Action Ngwanyia v. Gonzales, No. 02-502 (RHK) (D. Minn)."
Dated May 2005, it reports a National Class-Action Lawsuit wherein I.N.S. cheated 31,000 asylees out of their greencards. The judge found the I.N.S. guilty.

  Although I was not permitted to talk to him, the Director of I.N.S. San Francisco at the time, the one whose office took six months to answer my letter, I did see him once. This guy was incompetent to staff his own two-person office. I called his office one day and asked a question and got an answer so stupid that I can't remember it; I later found out that one of his secretaries was on vacation and the other one was sick so they had two temporaries, as in non-I.N.S. rent-a-secretary, fill in, who just used the position to have fun. Anyone with any experience knows that when the Presidents secretary is out the Vice-presidents secretary moves up to fill that position, the #3 secretary takes the #2 spot, etc., and temps are hired at the bottom level if needed. Not this bozo. I also talked anonomously to an I.N.S. agent in Washington D.C. who had worked at San Francisco during the summer because they were so backlogged, and she told me that whole boxes of unopened mail were just carted off and trashed.

  Congress has totally ignored INS for far more than ten years, probably much more. This bureacracy is a dishonest disaster. It is so regionalized that some districts had their own separate forms just for their region, despite being a Federal agency. The same goes for their computer system; which is beyond antiquated and regional, not national like a Federal Bureau should be. INS has been underfunded, understaffed, and criminally mismanaged for far longer than I have been dealing with them.

  Fong Zhen was released by INS Bakersfield months after Wife was released; they had been friends in jail. Tim and Terry Palmquist picked her up from the jail and we drove from Oakland to Bakersfield to pick her up. She had a receipt for her luggage that I.N.S. had taken from her so the next day after we got back to Oakland I took her to I.N.S. San Francisco to reclaim her luggage. The guard said that that log book had been archived and we had to come back another day. The guard also said that INS San Francisco was not set-up to keep peoples luggage for that long. But they can keep asylees in jail for four to six years, no-problem! We went back after a few days and the guard had the old log and confirmed that Fong Zhens luggage had been checked in and she took Fong Zhen (FZ) into the baggage room and, surprise, Fong Zhens luggage had all been stolen. I took Fong Zhen upstairs to the San Francisco Assistant District Director Tony Marians huge new fancy office on the 12th floor where he lied to my face and said "my people are paid too much to steal". He refused to investigate or provide any other help, just cover-up for his staff.
FZ had originally been held in the Oakland jail where a big black lady stole her watch from her. She reported the theft to the jail guards who searched the black lady and found the watch in her hair. They took the watch and gave Fong Zhen a receipt and transferred it to I.N.S. where, surprise, it was stolen.   I filled out an I-387 to try to get FZ paid for her stolen possessions and sent it to her but she was so afraid of I.N.S. that she refused to sign it and send it back.

  Fong Zhen was fortunate to be able to hang on to her receipt. Most of the chinese ladies either were not given receipts, or the local I.N.S. or jail people took their receipt and never gave it back so that they were free to steal the ladies possessions.

  Wife had been released by I.N.S. Bakersfield with an I-94 card full of errors, which I.N.S. refused to correct. Fong Zhen (FZ) had only been given an I-94 card also, which has no photo, so she could not fly to her family on the East coast. Her family had retained an attorney, and the attorney had to buy the tickets and send them to us so that she could fly to the East coast without a photo ID.

  See the August 4, 2002 issue of Parade Magazine, p.4-6, for reports of I.N.S. treatment of a 14 year old boy: "doused with pepper spray", "beaten with sticks by authorities"; and horrible treatment of other children and babies.

  I didn't save any copies but after my wife spent four years in jail for no reason, two men from Thailand with criminal records in both Thailand and the U.S. were released from jail after only THREE years; INS said they "couldn't hold them any longer" ! These two men soon pulled a home-invasion robbery, killed a dentist and shot his wife.
Helpless housewives: 4 to 6 years in jail;   convicted criminals: only 3 years !  Americans can feel very save with the I.N.S. working for us, these housewives might have gotten jobs in a sewing factory like some of the 30 million illegal Mexicans that Congress and Presidents Bush and Clinton favor.

  I.N.S. is under the Department of Justice, which is under the President as part of the Executive Branch of our government. The President appoints some ass-kisser as do-nothing, know-nothing figurehead commissioner of the I.N.S.   One such piece of uncaring garbage was Doris Meisner whose office I called so many times that I still have the number memorized, 202-514-1900, although that number was reassigned when Homeland Security was created, it was some kind of employee hotline the last time I called it.
202-514-2000 is the Dept. of noJustice which I also called many times to complain about I.N.S. to no avail.

  Jan 2006: The INS 800-375-5283 telephone number is beyond useless; normal wait time is 25 to 30 minutes, if it is more than 30 minutes they hang-up on you immediately; I often get disconnected while waiting the 30 minutes or at the 30 minute mark. If you do get through the help is helpless.   U.S. Representative Henry Browns' Myrtle Beach office says the 800 # is a farce.

  Feb 2006: Top INS official resigns because he has a conscience and cannot tolerate the dishonesty in the agency which is giving green-cards to felons.   Also, INS employees are caught giving green-cards in exchange for sex.   A few years ago it was New York City INS employees selling green-cards for cash.

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