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Amnesty for Mexicans: NEVER.

Guest-worker program: under the following conditions only:

1. The border with Mexico is sealed.

2. All guest-worker applications are issued and received in person in Mexico only, where background checks will be done. This will force all who wish to work legally back to Mexico and give the USA a second chance to establish control of the border. One agency should have two offices, one in Mexico to take employee applications, one in the U.S. to take employer applications.

3. Work cards DO NOT lead to citizenship. Only a recognized process such as applying for asylum or immigration should lead to a green card and/or citizenship.

  Monday 02 May 2006 was "boycott Gringo" day. The impact was ZERO. Whatever clothes, food, beer, etc. was not bought on Monday, will be bought on Sunday, Tuesday, next weekend, etc. If the Mexicans want to really have an impact, they will have to all go back to Mexico and stay there.

  Mexicans are part of the law of supply-and-demand which Congress has tried to bypass by raising the minimum wage so high that there is an extreme need for low-wage workers, which the Mexicans have come to supply.

  President Bush and the Senate have lost all notion of right vs wrong.

  The April 2006 Senate proposal would give green-cards and citizenship to illegal aliens faster than those following any legal process.   Congress should take care of all legal aliens before even thinking about illegal aliens.

  Asylees, who have already been thru a legal process, must wait up to 18 (eighteen) years just to get a green card.   Compared to how few years for Illegals?   There are only 186,000 asylees in 2006, compared to 42,000,000 Mexicans!   But Congress can not do anything for the asylees?

  FORTY (40) Golden Venture people are still in legal limbo since 1997.   Congress wants to flood our country with 60,000,000 or more Mexicans, but cannot grant legal status to 40 Chinese?   Racism.

  I paid $1335 to INS and was denied a 1-year temporary H2B visa for TWO Chinese girls.   INS says these TWO (2) girls will take jobs away from Americans but 42,000,000 Mexicans will NOT take jobs away from any Americans.   More racism.   And more theft by I.N.S. (now USCIS).

  My alien wife and I have been married for NINE years and she still has nothing.   Congress proposes to put illegal Mexicans ahead of all the legal aliens.

  All LEGAL applicants should be given green cards or citizenship BEFORE a single Mexican invader is given anything.

  At last, someone beside me says it:
Friday morning 12 May 2006, Neal Boortz on the radio said the U.S. Senate is rewarding illegal aliens and punishing legal aliens. (Probably not for the first time.)

  At last, someone beside me says it:
Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) in the May 2006 uschamber.com magazine p.3:
"Some argue that the only way to address the 11 million illegal aliens in the United States is to reward them with an easier path to citizenship.   The proposal being debated in the Senate would do just that.   Most Americans reject that solution and a repeat of the 1986 amnesty because it treats illegal aliens better than the hundreds of thousands of legal immigrants who comply with the law every year."

  WHY weren't the 66,000 H2B visas used in 2005?   Because the employers save $3000 or more per head by tapping the infinite supply of illegal Mexicans instead;   they have absolutely no incentive to hire legally and pay all those taxes, fees, and labor required to do the paperwork. If you want to raise wages, turn off the infinite supply of illegal Mexicans.

  If the current illegals are made legal, they will be LESS DESIREABLE for employment, because:
1. their employer will have to do INS paperwork on them and pay application fees;
2. their employer will have to pay taxes on them (social security, medicare, etc);
3. their employer will have to do payroll, etc. paperwork on them, which costs money;
4. legal employees are subject to the laws, such as minimum wage, OSHA, etc.   Illegal employees don't exist, and therefore are not subject to any laws.

  So businesses will dump Mexicans who are legalized and bring in more illegals because our border is a sieve and the money is in illegal Mexicans, not legal ones.   And the U.S. taxpayers will be stuck with 42,000,000 more illegal Mexicans and have to support them and subsidize the free services that they get.
And this benefits the U.S. taxpayers how ?

From Tuesday, 13 October 1998 San Francisco Chronicle P.1:
Illegal immigration:

 1.Mexico       2,700,000
 2.El Salvador    335,000
 3.Guatemala      165,000
 4.Canada         120,000
 5.Haiti          105,000
 6.Philippines     95,000
 7.Honduras        90,000
 8.Bahamas         70,000
 9.Nicaragua       70,000
10.Poland          70,000
Please note that China is not in the top ten,
and that Mexico exceeds all other countries added together.
Congress is rabidly pro-Mexican and extremely anti-Chinese.

  Environment: a little common sense now will help more than a lot of technology later: massive immigration will lead much more quickly to future depletion of resources such as land, water, oil, minerals, wood, coal, etc.   We will have to IMPORT even more than we do now, and countries with natural resources will have us by the throat.

From NumbersUSA.com:
For environmentalists, a growing split over immigration
The Christian Science Monitor : May 11 , 2006 -- by Brad Knickerbocker
  "Yet the US population is far from stabilized, and immigrants (legal and illegal) are one of the main reasons. There are about 11 million illegal immigrants in the US today, 57 percent from Mexico, and another 24 percent from other Latin American countries, according to the Pew Hispanic Center. Of the US foreign-born population, nearly 30 percent is illegal, according to Pew."
(57 + 24 = 81 % Latin, leaving little room for other ethnicities)

  Was it Jan 2006 that the Muslims rioted in France, looted businesses and burned 9000 cars?   At that time I predicted that the Mexicans will eventually riot just like the Muslims in France.   The Mexicans have far more than the critical mass needed to riot, but I thought it would take years to happen.
Oops, wrong.   24 March 2006 was the first Mexican demonstrations.
The Mexican invaders will riot for fun and profit, and because they CAN.
Remember the Alamo!

  The Mexican culture is one of dishonesty, like their government.   Why do you think Walmart and many other manufacturers do not locate their factories in Mexico to cut down on shipping costs?   (By truck from Mexico is much cheaper than by boat from China).   In fact many manufacturers got out of Mexico due to the bribes, thefts, and other problems.   And Congress wants to import 90,000,000 people from this culture ?

  Have you heard what percentage of our jail population is illegal aliens?   The number was too big for me to remember.   Radio never gives details;   I assume these illegal aliens were jailed for committing crimes in the U.S.A.   Mexicans are never jailed for entering the country illegally, only the Chinese.

  A few minor facts:
  1. Switzerland has never allowed foreigners to become citizens.
  2. Canada recently stopped giving citizenship to babies born in Canada.
  3. Mexico does not permit illegal entry thru their southern border with Guatemala.

  Congress raises the minimum wage to buy votes, er, I mean raise wages;
then brings in 14,000 Mexican invaders daily to depress wages.   HUH ?

  The reliance upon continued illegal immigration is another dose of heroin for the USA, like the increasing minimum wage. It is easier to do another hit of drugs than deal with reality.

  I recommend NUMBERSUSA.COM for congressional immigration information; they also provide an easy way to fax your congressman on immigration issues. How much email you get from them depends on your 'profile' selections; I get very little email from them, although Roy Beck gets a little verbose sometimes.

  From NUMBERSUSA 25 April 2006
There are close to 500 pending complaints of criminal misconduct against DHS employees who are accused internally of espionage and acceptance of bribes, and even of helping suspected terrorists get permission to live here! Unfortunately, these cases are not being aggressively pursued because the agency's leaders refuse to provide the personnel or resources necessary to investigate them. And employees with allegations pending often continue to hold great power over who enters the country.

Mr. (Mike) Maxwell also noted that because USCIS can't handle the workload it has now, there is no way the Federal government can claim it can protect national security under an amnesty and "temporary" worker program that adds 10-20 million people to the USCIS workload.

INVADERS enter a country forcefully, like the Mexicans who just walk in;
Immigrants request permission to enter and remain here.

INVADERS IMPOSE their language upon their subjects (answering machines, forms, Lowes signs, health dept signs, mass transit signs, and much more are in Spanish).
Immigrants learn the language of their new country, as did all the non-english speaking European, Asian, African immigrants.

All four of my Grandparents were from other countries,
all four of my Grandparents spoke English, even at home.

INVADERS impose their customs on the new country, Mexicans have demanded that cock-fighting be legalized.
Immigrants gradually adopt the customs of their new country.

INVADERS have no respect for the laws of the invaded country.
Immigrants try to learn the laws of their new country.

Mexican INVADERS bring in disease, drugs, and guns.
Immigrants get shots, health checks, and are screened.

INVADERS steal social services, and pay no taxes.
Immigrants pay taxes when they work.

INVADERS plant their flag to claim their new land, like the illegal Mexicans waving Mexican flags; Mexican flags on their cars, etc.
Immigrants respectfully fly their flag UNDER the flag of the United States, as my Brazilian and Swiss neighbors did.

NO MORE "Press 1 for English".   English is the National Language whether Congress acknowledges it or not,   it's called 'Common Law'.

  President Bush and Congress use the promise of amnesty to lure millions more Mexicans into the U.S., then Congress raises the penalties for those businesses (excluding friends of the president or important congressman) who hire the Mexicans.   HUH?
Oh! I get it; just another way to backstab American businessmen and steal their money.

  How many Central American and South American Indian civilizations were destroyed by Spanish invaders?  
Americans did the same thing but has ONE person of Spanish descent ever lamented the destruction of all those native civilizations ?

  And the way President Bush is cheer-leading the Mexican invaders and offering them more incentives to invade our country!   (April 2006)
Shouldn't he be impeached for treason for that?

  Iraq spy suspect oversaw U.S. asylums
By Stephen Dinan
April 6, 2006
An Iraqi-born U.S. citizen suspected of being a foreign intelligence agent was employed by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to rule on asylum applications, including those from unfriendly Middle Eastern nations, according to documents obtained from Congress by The Washington Times.

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