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for reasons unbeknownst to me, these are really loud.
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Shazam can only identify music issued or re-released in digital format;
it cannot identify music issued only on vinyl !  
(Which is a lot of songs, and mostly what I need.)

YouTube encompasses all formats so I have had more luck with that,
although there is so much stuff there that you must hit on the exact correct search words,
and what do you search on to find an instrumental ?

1. This mostly instrumental Disco song was aired on New York City radio prior to 1985. 2.4MB, 56kbps, .mp3
    Please tell me who did this song, or its proper name.

2. This space-music song was heard in 2011 on the internet. 393KB, 56kbps, .mp3
    I have limited the selection to 1 minute.
    Please tell me who did this song, or its proper name.

3. From the Myrtle Beach weather channel in 2015: 1 minute sample .mp3

If you know who did any of these songs please contact me
at my email address below.

4. Whippoorwill: This song was on a 78 from my grandmother, and the lid of my cheap-junk record player fell down and smashed it (circa 1960), and I was too young and stupid to save the pieces. It thought that it was on the purple OKEH label,   and that the name was Whippoorwill; and I thought it was by Gene Autry, because Grandma had several purple OKEH 78 records by him, but the Gene Autry museum assures me that he did not record Whippoorwill.

There's a Whippoorwill sweetly singing in the pale moonlight
Whip-poor-will, Whip-poor-will
And he's singing a song that makes me long for home to-night
Whip-poor-will, Whip-poor-will

January 2015 I found two 78 versions of Whippoorwill on YouTube:
- The Ipana Troubadours, Columbia 2174-D from 1930.
- Victor 22408-B, Nat Shilkret and the Victor Orchestra, vocal by Landt Trio.

With help from others online I found the two versions below;
but my memory is so bad, and it was so many years ago,
that neither version sounds quite right,
so either my memory deceives me,
or there is still another, more elusive, version.

The first half of this next version of Whippoorwill is instrumental,
I don't know where I got it from;   but this is not the version I want;
I deleted the instrumental portion and kept the vocals portion:
530KB, 128kbps, .mp3 by Jack Denny

This sample below is from a good YouTube video which also has a photo of the 78, both sides.
I don't think that this is the version I had either,
but it is the closest, and kindof sounds like Gene Autry !
648KB, 128kbps, .mp3 by Gene and Glenn 1930 Victor 22385-A (Gene Carroll & Glenn Rowell)
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Identified on Youtube:
This disco song was aired on New York City radio prior to 1985. 583KB, 56kbps, .mp3
After 30 years of searching I finally found it on youtube in 2015 !
The group is Fire and Rain, the song is Make Love to Me, 1975.
This cut was from the long 45 version, their album has a shorter version.
Thank you so very much YouTube.

Identified on Youtube:
Rock song aired on WMMR in Philadelphia, PA in 1970. 1MB, 56kbps, .mp3
It was part of the best 'set' of music I have ever heard a DJ put together.
This song has been identified as "Dreams of my Life" by Alexander Rabbit.
It was on YouTube that I identified this song after 44 years of searching!
Thank you even more YouTube !

Identified by Shazam:
Disco Connection by Isaac Hayes.
Thank you Shazam, this song is an instrumental which I would never have found otherwise.

Talking about music:
Many groups did the song "I (Who Have Nothing)", the biggest being
1960 Ben E. King
1970 Tom Jones
2007 Jordin Sparks
1965 Petula Clark, I found this fantastic version on a junk 33 compilation;
Her version could have been a top 40 hit if it had been released as a 45.

Another song that I have on a cheap-junk compilation album is
Like to Get to Know You, by Spanky and Our Gang.
It has a verbal beginning that really makes the song special
but when I searched online to buy the entire song,
the 1-minute sample-slice played is too far into the song
to enable me to know if it is the version that I want,
and the time/duration of the songs has not helped either.
Oddly, the ending of the 33 song is cut off, did they mean
to cut off the beginning and cut off the ending instead ?

New York City radio used to play some awesome music in the 1960's and 1974 to 1984;
there was WFUV with the German-American hour,
and also a Vietnam War hour with incredibly good rock that I never heard before or since,
and I am still kicking myself for not taping any of it.
At the time I was even poorer than now, and tape was much too expensive for me.
Another New York City station had a great Disco hour;
and it also had, for a very short time, a fantastic Acid Rock hour.
All these shows are now lost to history.

When he got back from Cleveland, Don Imus, on WNBC AM 660 was hilarious.
I describe getting up in the morning as 'pain',
but waking up with Imus made it less painful,
and sometimes I had to hang on to the refrigerator
to keep from falling down, I laughed so hard.
The humor was relevant to the times, it would not be funny today.
For example, here is a joke that was very funny to everyone in
Virginia circa 1991: Why did the chicken cross the road ?
To show the possum that it could be done.
You need the background to understand the joke;
that year there was a mass movement of possums,
and all the roadsides were lined with dead possums,
hit by cars as they tried to cross the roads.