Identify hardware

If you know what any of this hardware is, please contact me,
my email address is at the bottom of this page.
Also contact me if you need to see more photos or higher quality photos.
I am willing to sell these items.

Please, I am looking for absolute fact / knowledge;
I showed these items at my garage sales and got a lot of guesses
but guesses haven't helped.

Metal pieces

unknown pair unknown pair
unknown pair unknown pair
unknown metal pieces, left & right pair, unknown manufacturer;
Markings inside: R #1 MBL,   L #2 MBL
Oddly, there are no holes to accept a screw or bolt.

The most positive answer I have received as of 24Feb2015
says that these are the ends of the chalk tray on an old chalk-board.
Does anyone have enough memory or a photo to confirm this ?
Another guess says: the bottom of a Noriega refrigerator.

Rubber pieces

unknown plumbing
unknown plumbing, black rubber.
These pieces were unused parts laying around in the old Golden Gate Chinese buffet restaurant in Myrtle Beach, SC.
They are flexible, it seems that under positive pressure they would open up
and that they should squeeze closed under negative pressure/suction.

Here is the most positive answer I have received as of 24Feb2015:

That is a old toilet bladder for restaurant.
If you take the valve apart that's what fills up,
then once it's full it will flush.
They still use them but now they have only one valve.

The author said that this bladder is inside the stainless steel top section of the mens urinal.

Plastic pieces

shims shims
On the back it says: "Econ-O-Shim"; they are made of rigid plastic.
The black shims are 1/4" thick, the red shims are 1/8" thick.

I received an email saying:
"They are for metal frames.   Glaziers use them.
I was in that line of work at one time.
You use them as shims, the screws can go in the middle of them
and they are between the frame and wall.
Example for the metal frames Wendy's food or MCD's"

Other pieces

unknown pieces unknown pieces
The small chisel-looking item has the number "7" engraved on it, it is 4 1/8" (10.5 cm) long.

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