Three old harmonicas

This page left up for viewing/reference only, this item has been sold.

I have no idea how old these are, from Dad's stuff, possibly 1940-1950's.
3 Harmonicas 3 Harmonicas
Harmonica Harmonica
Above: Cur Pet, Registered Trademark, Made in Germany.
Harmonica Harmonica
Above: School Band, Registered US Patent Office, M.Hohner, text on other side unreadable due to rust.
Harmonica Harmonica
Above: Both sides unreadable due to rust, may also say School Band and Hohner.

All 3 harmonicas work.
Let me know if there is some non-destructible way to remove enough rust to read the text.
I want to change them as little as possible so I don't inflict any further damage.
Hopefully they will find a better home with a more knowledgable owner.
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