Golden Venture References

  These references are just a few items I saw. I did not use these references for my story. They are for you if you have further interest in the Golden Venture.


Golden Venture Newspaper Articles:

Four part Immigration article: San Francisco Chronicle p.1, 13-16 October 1998.
The first page shows an interesting chart on illegal and legal immigration:

  A Google search on Golden Venture came up with 1,900,000 hits ! The second article was by : "Arai Hifumi, a freelance Japanese journalist living based in Hong Kong". "More serious than economic poverty is spiritual poverty. A society in which the only value is money is a very empty society. During the few days I spent in Fuzhou, no matter with whom I spoke, the money and illegal emigration was the constant topic of conversation."

If you know of any other documentaries with good footage of the Golden Venture,
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