Chinese Ladies in Bakersfield jail with Wife

  I copied the below information from a letter I wrote to U.S. Representative Brown of Myrtle Beach SC 01 July 2002.

  Wife. Occupation: housewife.
Her crime in China: trying to register her children.
Her crime in the U.S.: illegal entry.
Sentence: 4 years in jail, denied medical and dental care while in prison even though I made arrangements to pay for it. All belongings stolen by the I.N.S.   Required 4 teeth be pulled and more than $5,000 in dental treatment after release from Bakersfield.

  ZFZ: (initials of jailed Chinese lady)
Housewife with children.
Illegally entered the U.S.
3 years in prison;   all belongings stolen by INS San Francisco.   Got dizzy and could not walk 2 blocks to the grocery store after release; my wife says many of the Chinese housewives experience this problem.

  LY: young girl.
Illegally entered the U.S.
3 or more years in jail.
All valuables, possessions and money stolen by the INS.
Brutally beaten by a guard twice her size for no reason in Bakersfield, California; put in solitary confinement; deported illegally because she showed visitors some of her bruises. I.N.S. stole her money and possessions and deported her with only the clothes on her back;   she did not know she was being deported until the airplane was over the Pacific Ocean and she asked the flight attendant where she was.

  DCW: Housewife.
Jailed in China for picking up an abandonned baby girl in the street and raising it as her own.
Jailed by INS for illegal entry. Deported illegally after 3 or more years in jail.

  WTC: housewife, 6 years in jail for entering the country illegally; or maybe it's just for being Chinese.

  DBM: housewife, 4 years in jail, all stolen by INS;   is suffering from severe depression.

  I have not heard of one single chinese woman jailed in Bakersfield who got their possessions back in the last four years. Mike Lizaraga, the INS director in Bakersfield, California permits theft of the inmates belongings, denys them medical and dental care, and denys them access to legal help. They are also charged robbery rates to call out of the jail. When I was directed by I.N.S. San Francisco to call him to arrange dental care for my wife he told his aide to tell me he "couldn't be bothered" to talk to me, he was going 4-wheeling in the desert.

  Also see the cover story of the April 2002 Parade magazine where I.N.S. sprayed pepper spray in the face of a young boy each week.

  More than 30 million Mexicans (and adding 14,000 per day):
Crime: Illegal entry into the U.S.
Sentence: Free Green cards for all.   and all the social services they want.   What kind of "fairness" is this?

card Card made in Bakersfield jail in 1996 by one of the Chinese Ladies.   They used chewing gum for glue.
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