Whirlpool Model WED49STBW1

We purchased this machine in July 2017 and returned it after using it 3 times and having the warranty repairman visit it twice.
The Whirlpool Model WED49STBW1 that we bought before the Maytag was returned !
It had no Deep Fill mode, only 1 inch of water.

The Whirlpool has no agitator, just a huge empty basket, big enough for a person to climb in !
My wife saw all that empty space and bought it thinking that
she could wash her biggest comforter in there.  Wrong.

I washed a small load of laundry and the machine spit 1 inch of
water in the bottom and proceded to wash, my clothes on the top
of the pile were still dry !
I called for a Warranty repair and the repairman 'calibrated' the machine.
I called for a 2nd Warranty repair a week later
and gave him a small comforter to wash
which occupied less than one third (1/3) of the huge basket.
The repairman had to interrupt the cycle several times and push
the small comforter down into the one inch of water to try to
get it wet so that it would weigh more, then he started the
wash cycle all over again and still did not get any more than
one inch of water.  He said that the machine was working
"as designed".  He also had to unplug the machine twice to
reset it.  I revealed to him that I had been pouring buckets
of water from the sink into the machine in order to get my
clothes wet, he said that that would cause the machines sensor
to freak out and fill the machine until water came out over the
top of the machine.  That never happened but I watched the
machine closely after pouring several buckets of water into the
machine to get the comforter wet to finish washing it.

Then I had to restart the entire wash cycle from the beginning again.

I did have to turn off the circuit breaker twice and pull the plug (once) on
the Whirlpool washer because if you pause the machine and leave
the lid open for 10 minutes (while you are filling more buckets
of water) the machine goes into a drain cycle which cannot be
stopped except by disconnecting the electric,
and all the controls on the control panel cease working.
I let it drain for a very long time the first time,
hoping that it would shut of by itself,
but it did not so I pulled the plug to reset it.

Then you have to restart the entire wash cycle from the beginning again,
which wipes out any forward progress that you may have made;
and you cannot advance to any midpoint in a cycle.

Both the Whirlpool and the Maytag machines have the same defect:
you cannot advance the cycle knob, or stop the machine and
restart it again at a different point like you can with the
old machines where you just push the knob in, turn the pointer to the function
that you want, and pull the knob out again;
you must start all over again from the beginning.

Why does Whirlpool put such a huge basket on a machine that only fills to one inch of water ?
Any laundry much above the 1 inch mark does not get washed ! And may not even get wet !

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