old Stanley plane, 80 or 08 ?

small wood plane small wood plane
small wood plane small wood plane
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I have a small Stanley plane - model 80 or 08 ?,
The 80 or 08 is molded into the top piece.
The blade is stamped 3.13.1900;
There is another number stamped above the date on the blade, but it is too worn for me to see.
It is rusty, and has been broken and welded.
"Stanley" is molded onto the largest adjustment screw (in the rear)

My Dad had it in an old jar.
Being a mechanical idiot, I do not know how to reassemble the parts.
The longest piece is 4.5", the blade is 4.125", the body? is 3.75".

I want to first identify it, and get an approximate value.

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