PRE-PRODUCTION U.S. Pioneer SPEC-1 pre-amp

This SPEC-1 is a unique PRE-production unit, one of a kind !
It contains hand-wiring, and no serial number,
it was sent to the United States for photography;
if another one was made, it stayed in Japan.
It has more sentimental or historical value than actual value.
One owner, purchased at U.S. Pioneer, 75 Oxford Drive, Moonachie, NJ.

SPEC-1 pre-amp
SPEC-1 pre-amp SPEC-1 pre-amp SPEC-1 pre-amp SPEC-1 pre-amp SPEC-1 pre-amp SPEC-1 pre-amp SPEC-1 pre-amp SPEC-1 pre-amp
SPEC-1 pre-amp SPEC-1 pre-amp

This unit has been in its box for 20 years.
If someone is interested in it,
I will check if the basics still work;
such as pre-amp output, RCA jack inputs, tone controls, switches;
but other than that, you accept this unit AS-IS.
There will be NO guarantee, NO return.
You should have some technical expertise before considering buying this unit.

Production model Operating Instructions are included.
Production model Schematic is included;
schematic does NOT match the circuit boards in this unit.
Packing material is not original.
Circuit boards are NOT the same as the production models !
No accessories are included.
19" rack mount configuration.

OUTPUT switch is NOT the same as the production model.
On the production model the OUTPUT switch is a speaker selector,
speaker output power is routed from the amplifier back to the SPEC-1;
on this specific unit the OUTPUT switch selects pre-amp outputs !
You can select power amp A, B, or both.
From one amateur test, I believe that this SPEC-1
is not designed to drive 2 amplifiers at high volume,
(connecting amplifiers to both RCA jack outputs and selecting 'A and B'
on the OUTPUT selector which was meant for speakers, not pre-amp output),   bass may suffer.

The SPEC-1 microphone jack appears to be a stereo jack, but only 1 channel is wired,
so a mono 1/4" jack works, and you only get one channel.

A WZ-240 zener diode was replaced by Pioneer part A09J55 in January 1994
in the power-supply board which does NOT match the board on the schematic or in the production model.

Some photos have been downsized, contact me if you need more detail.

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