Review of Maytag Model MVWB765FW

My machine says Model MVWB765FW0, I have no idea what the 0 on the end means.
Maytag website as of 23 November 2017: (contains photos of washer)
1. Why does the machine go thru the 'sensing' cycle when you select "deep fill" ?
- the manual says on page 6 paragraph 9: "In Deep Fill mode,
the washer will fill to a pre-determined water level
independent of load size" (the pre-determined water level
is 14" on the advertising cardboard inside the display machine).
So going thru the 'sensing' cycle to see what the load is is utter NONsense !
And even in the 'deep fill' mode, the washer begins agitating with 1" or less of water
and just spits water in slowly while it continues to agitate;
so filling the washer with water can take quite a while compared to older machines.

2. In old, non-sensing washing machines, the choices of
   water level were Low, Medium, High;  after 45 years of
doing my own laundry, I have a good idea of what water level
to select.  The Maytag gives you a choice of
1 inch (sensing mode) or 14 inches (Deep Fill mode).
So instead of saving water, this machine is actually WASTING
WATER by giving me 14 inches of water when I only need
10 inches or whatever.

3. Both the Whirlpool and the Maytag machines have the same defect:
   you cannot advance the cycle knob, or stop the machine and
restart it again at a different point like you can with the
old machines where you just push the knob in, turn the pointer to the function
that you want, and pull the knob out again; you must start all over again.

4. The touch sensitive power button works well, but not so the pause button,
   sometimes I have to hold my finger on it to warm it up.

5. The lid is always locked, you must press the pause button,
   then wait for the machine to unlock the lid,
which can be very aggravating when you are finding and adding
more laundry like I do.  I also pause it to add detergent after the
water has been added.

6. The glass lid is not see-thru.  It is smokey colored,
   then has small black triangles on it to further obscure vision,
then it gets completely fogged up when water enters the basket !

7. With the lid even slightly raised, all of the controls are disabled.

8. The User Manual does not tell you what each cycle setting does,
   instead it tells you what cycle to use based on what kind of laundry.
The difference between Normal and Colors may be the speed of the agitator,
or 1 minute difference in the cycle time, etc.  The manual does not say.

9. The rinse cycle seems to always be 1 inch of water, and you cannot change it.
   There is an option for a double rinse that I have not tried yet.

Overall: if you have an older machine, keep it, fix it.  My old machine
         had 13 years on it but was still working;  I left it behind when
         I moved and bought a new machine;  I am regretting that decision.
         I didn't know how bad the new machines were. 

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