I.N.S. in 1999

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This text was written in Oakland, California prior to 2000.
Since then George Bush changed the name of I.N.S. to USCIS to
evade the criminal reputation of the former I.N.S.


    Congress recently took testimony about the ills/abuses of the 
    I.R.S.  All taxpayers have to deal with the I.R.S. and send 
    money to them, which generates ill-will and complaints.

         On the other hand, the people who are harmed by the I.N.S.
    are not citizens, usually do not know English, do not know the 
    legal system, etc. etc.  therefore, abuses which are illegal by
    international standards are tolerated.

        Congress probably gets thousands of complaints about the
    I.R.S. for each complaint received against the I.N.S.  Individual
    complaints about the I.N.S. should be weighted much more heavily
    to compensate for the difference in affected population.  Every
    taxpayer must deal with the I.R.S., (over 200 million people?) and
    how many people deal with the I.N.S., one percent of the I.R.S.
    number?  And how many complaints do you get for I.R.S. vs I.N.S.?
    Why does every congressman need a full-time staff person to deal
    with Immigration?  Especially when agencies like the I.R.S. deal
    with millions more people; Do you need full-time staff people for
    other U.S. agencies?

    I.R.S. is a friendly puppy-dog compared to the I.N.S.  when I had
    a problem with the I.R.S. I was able to see a live person in an hour
    or less.  They answer questions, they answer their telephones,
    they talk to you and help you in person, they have an 800 number for
    both forms and for help, etc. etc.

         I.N.S. on the other hand:  they do have an 800 number for
    forms, and I have two letters from them whereby they refused to
    send me forms; the I.R.S. never in 30 years of paying taxes refused
    to send me a form.  I.N.S. does not have any live people on their
    800 number.  I.N.S. will not help you or tell you what to do, you
    are expected to hire a lawyer, even just to get a blank form or
    some instructions.  I.R.S. people are arrogant, like nazi gestapo,
    they refuse to help.  I stood in line at the San Francisco I.N.S.
    office for 3.5 hours on crutches with my large intestine hanging
    out and when I got to the front of the line the I.N.S. woman would
    not give me the time of day.  On our second trip, to check in with
    my wifes parole officer the department was moving to another floor.
    The officer was very nice but did not have time to answer any of our
    questions.  On our third trip, to check in with the parole officer
    the officer was new, knew nothing, would not answer any of our
    questions, was uncooperative and obviously did not like his job;
    and we had to give him a copy of my wifes asylum grant because he
    did not know about it, I.N.S internal communications and data
    sharing are so bad they have no idea what is going on outside of
    their immediate office.  I tried to call the san francisco regular
    telephone number once:  3 hours to get a ring, then on hold for
    about 45 minutes, then they refused to provide any information.

         I have had several problems, at various times, with the I.R.S.
    and can testify that they have improved over the years, but they
    were never as bad as the I.N.S.  Yet congress reviewed/reformed the
    I.R.S. but refuses to review/reform the I.N.S., why?  I.N.S. is so
    bad that congress does not talk about reforming the it, they talk
    about dismantling it.  So why does congress continue to do nothing?

    I.R.S. has 1-800 telephone numbers for help,
    I.N.S. does not.

    I.R.S. answers the telephone,
    I.N.S. does not.

    I.R.S. provides help 24 hours a day.
    I.N.S. does not provide help.

    I.R.S. returns telephone messages,
    I.N.S. does not (with 1 or 2 rare exceptions).

    I.R.S. telephone numbers work, year after year.
    I.N.S. is constantly disconnecting or changing telephone numbers
           so that people cannot get thru to them.  I.N.S. disconnects
           its telephone numbers so often that even the
           Commissioners office does not have a current number.

    I.R.S. will give me any forms I want, either in person or through
           the mail or via their 1-800 telephone number,
    I.N.S. will not give me the forms I request,
           I have 2 refusal letters.

    I.R.S. will answer my questions in person or over the telephone,
    I.N.S. will not or cannot answer questions.

    I.R.S. people are trained to know their business.
    I.N.S. people rarely know the answers to any questions,
           and if they do know they don't want to tell you.

    I.R.S. people are friendly and helpful.
    I.N.S. people are extremely arrogant and will go to
           any extreme, including lying, to make sure that they do
           not give you any help or information.

    I.R.S. waiting times in line are very reasonable, even during
           their busy season.
    I.N.S. lines are so long that you can get in line at 7:30 AM and
           get turned away at closing time without ever having
           gotten to a window. (FRESNO, CALIF. in particular).

    I.R.S. responds quickly, even to an ordinary citizen,
    I.N.S. does not respond to anything,
           including registered letters from a lawyer,
           or inquiries from congressional representatives,
           and if they do respond it takes 6 months
           and they send a 'non' answer (they do not address the 
           question that was asked).

    I.R.S. people will give you their name, and take responsibility.
    I.N.S. people do not want to give their names,
           and sometimes will not give their names,
           and they do not want to take any responsibility.

    I.R.S. people transfer your call quickly, when necessary, and
           to the proper person to help you.
    I.N.S. people do not know who to transfer you to, they just transfer you
           to anyone, sometimes before you have even had a chance to
           explain what your problem is;  eventually, after several transfers,
           a wrong button is pushed and you are disconnected.

03. I.N.S. prioritizes letters without even reading them, which means
    that emergency letters requesting immediate action do not even get
    read until long after the emergency is over.  I.N.S. has no quick
    response capabilities for emergencies.  I sent an emergency letter
    to Director Schiltgen of San Francisco, with a letter from my
    doctor; I had had major emergency surgery and needed someone to
    take care of me; I requested that my future wife be released to do
    this.  I followed up with a telephone call, they lost the letter.
    I got another copy from the doctor and sent it again.  six months
    later they sent me a letter saying that my wife had already been
    released from jail!!!  This was due to a bill passed by congress;
    congress can pass legislation faster than Director Schiltgen can
    find a letter.

04. Why are housewives kept in prison for three to six years at a cost
    of $50 (or more) each per day of my tax dollars?  These women are
    not going to rob me or harm anyone, yet professional thieves and
    violent criminals (not to mention those ultra dangerous pot
    smokers) are let out of jail before their sentence is up, to make
    more room in the jails, more room for harmless housewives. This is
    not in the best interest of the american citizens.  Jails are for
    criminals, refugees are not criminals.  (those sent to us by
    Fidel Castro were mostly refuse, not refugees).

    A limit should be set;  if I.N.S. cannot repatriate them in 3 months
    they should be released on bail/bond/whatever, and give them a work
    card and proper id.

    Housewives are lied to by smugglers, they are VICTIMS.  They do not
    intend to commit criminal behaviour; they do not possess the
    education or wordly knowledge to even think in terms more
    sophisiticated than "find a job", and "make money".

    After I retrieved housewife/mother of two Fong Zhen from
    Bakersfield (after 3 years in jail) she was unable to walk the four
    blocks to Chinatown to pick out some food that she liked; my wife
    (housewife/mother of three, in jail for four years) said that other
    chinese ladies have had the same trouble after being released.
    What point is there in inflicting this kind of mental and physicial
    destruction upon harmless housewives?

    And if anyone says the Chinese are put in jail to control
    immigration, then why did Congress legalize 2.5 million Mexicans
    (remember this was written in 1999, by 2014 this number was
     somewhere between 30 and 60 million)
    which, once all their relatives get here will be about 10 percent
    of the Mexican population!  In a newspaper article about illegal
    immigrant numbers (San Francisco newspaper), Chinese aliens were so
    few in number that they were not on the list.  They represent less
    than 1 percent of any immigration problem.

    Dai Chi Wa, housewife/mother, was in the Bakersfield jail for
    several years, she was also denied access to legal representation
    and returned to China against her will.   Her 'crime' in China was
    that she rescued a baby girl who had been left in the street to
    die, and took it home to raise as her own.

05. I.N.S. ABUSES:
    One of the Golden Venture people was killed in a Pennsylvania jail
    where most of the refugees (mostly male) were held.
    I.N.S. refused to allow medical treatment for his stomach cancer
    until his death was absolutely guaranteed, then they released him
    to his family so that he would not die while under I.N.S. care.

    I.N.S. Washdc said "property is not written into the law", "law
    says to detain or deport".  The San Francisco I.N.S. Property Room
    told me that they are not set-up to track peoples belongings for
    multiple years.  I have not heard of any Chinese lady from
    Bakersfield who got all of her belongings back.  Clothing and other
    property is lost or thrown away, valuables are always stolen.  If
    you are going to keep housewives or other non-criminal people in
    jail for 6+ years then you must institute a system to take care of
    their belongings, or only keep them in jail for as long as you can
    track their belongings, or return their belongings immediately to
    their families.

    I.N.S. supposedly gives receipts when the persons possessions are
    taken, but when they get to the jail everything is taken from them
    including the receipt, and I.N.S. says 'no receipt, no possessions'
    which makes it very easy for I.N.S. to steal anything they want.
    it should be against the law for the I.N.S. to take anyones
    receipt from them.

    Mike Lizzaraga of Bakersfield I.N.S. has several scams going to
    steal possessions from the female inmates in Lerdo jail.  They get
    seasick and disoriented from the occasional 6 hour trips to San
    Francisco and their possessions fail to get transferred from one
    vehicle to the next, or get left on the loading dock on purpose.

07. Brutality by Mike Lizzaraga of Bakersfield I.N.S.
    Lin Yen was taken to San Francisco I.N.S.  The jail checks her out
    then checks her back in again when she is brought back by the
    I.N.S.   When brought back she was assigned a different bunk, but
    her old bunk was still empty so she asked a guard if she could use
    it and was told yes.  After the guards changed shift the next guard
    made a bunk check and the paperwork showed that Lin Yen was in the
    wrong bunk.  Lin Yen did not know enough English to explain that
    the previous guard had told her that she could use that bunk bed.
    This guard is a big hulking brute with a history of violent abuse
    against inmates, Lin Yen is a 5 foot 100 pound defenseless young
    girl,  the guard dragged Lin Yen out of her bunk, slammed her on
    the floor,  put a very painful stranglehold of some sort on her
    and called for other guards and Lin Yen was put in solitary
    confinement.  Tim and Terri Palmquist, citizens of Bakersfield,
    found out about the beating and viewed the black & blue bruises on
    Lin Yen.  They tried to take pictures and alert the media to this
    latest atrocity,  so Lin Yen's rights were abrogated and she was
    immediately shipped back to China without any of her possessions
    and with no notification to herself, her lawyer, or anyone.

    Lin Yen was taken to San Francisco thinking that she had a court
    date or was being released.  After she was in the air she asked the
    flight attendant where they were going and was told that she was
    being returned to China with only the clothes on her back.  I have
    no idea what happened to her other clothes and property.  I was
    able to retrieve a bible and letters from the S.F. I.N.S.  but all
    valuables, money, jewelry, etc, had been looted; none of this was
    done by accident.

08. Bakersfield releases inmates with no I-94 cards (a required
    document) or erroneous information.  My wife wanted to get the
    erroneous information corrected; on our first trip to San Francisco
    Fong Zhen and Li Jeun were released without I94 cards despite fact
    that possession of this card is a requirement?  As usual I cannot
    get an answer out of I.N.S. as to whether this is a requirement or

    Amnesty International says that the U.S. has signed international
    agreements that prohibit the long-term incarceration (more than a
    few months) of asylum seekers, yet the I.N.S. routinely jails
    housewives/mothers/fathers/ innocent Chinese for 3 or more years.
    I have heard that lawyers on both coasts were filing class action
    suits against the I.N.S.
    Congress should take the lead in reforming the I.N.S., not wait
    for the people and the courts to try.  I.N.S. did lose a class
    action suit in Seattle, Washington (in 1998?) for shipping people
    out of the country with no notice, as they did to Lin Yen.

10. MIKE LIZZARAGA, Chief of the Bakersfield office is abusive,
    arrogant, and does not care about his job, or the people in his
    care. I was referred to him by someone in the Wash D.C. I.N.S and
    by Sharron Rummery, Public Relations Director of the San Francisco
    I.N.S.  I heard him tell the person who answered the telephone
    that he refused to talk to me because he "couldn't be bothered",
    he wanted to drive his 4-wheel vehicle around in the desert.  I
    believe that he has also lied to other I.N.S. officials, I know
    that Sharron Rummery was given false information which she passed
    on to me.  He refuses to allow inmates to get needed medical or
    dental care.  Lizzaraga permits looting of valuables and
    possessions from inmates, especially when they are driven to San
    Francisco for court appearances.  Inmates are given pain pills
    (tylenol) for any physical or dental problem, even though tylenol
    can kill the inmate.  My wife has chronic hepatitis 'B', a common
    disease amoung the Chinese.  The I.N.S. did not identify this
    problem, which is contagious. This virus damages the liver, as does
    tylenol; hepatitis 'B' carriers should not be given tylenol.  My
    wife was denied dental care for months, despite the fact that I
    made dental and payment arrangements.  Of four appointments made
    they took her to only two; the first one was a cleaning, the second
    appointment the dentist pulled two wisdom teeth, the real reason
    for her pain; she had had no dental care in four years of
    imprisionment by the I.N.S.  She continued to have pain and a week
    after I.N.S. released her a dental surgeon removed her other two
    wisdom teeth. Since being released she has required 4 root canals,
    4 crowns, gum surgery, and special deep cleaning to restore her
    teeth to the working condition that they were in before being put
    in jail.  Her dentist says that she has good teeth and the proper
    dental care could have prevented most of the problems, particularly
    the gum disease, gum surgery and deep cleaning.  Inflicting pain by
    withholding medical or dental care, as Mike Lizzaraga routinely
    does, is in violation of the Geneva Convention;  now you know one
    of the reasons why various groups routinely put the U.S.A. on
    lists of coutries which commit human-rights abuses.

    Fong Zhen said, when in prison with my wife, some of the guards
    were ok and some were bad.  After my wife got out the decent guards
    were replaced with all bad guards and she dropped from 3 meals to
    2 meals each day and lost more weight and was more depressed.
    Chinese women in jail are already mal-nourished because they do not
    like the food.  The jail may serve adequate food but the Chinese
    women are not eating it.  Lerdo jail had a large amount of sulpher
    in the water, which caused it to look black and smell bad.  The
    ladies would run hot shower water to add to a dry cup of noodle

    These people who have been put in jail have been denied the ability
    to care for themselves, so it becomes the responsibility of the
    jailor to care for them.

11. Mike Lizzaraga, Chief of the Bakersfield I.N.S. office is wasting
    taxpayers money: he mistreats his charges so badly that local
    residents have swamped his telephone lines with complaint calls
    several times which means that his office is wasting time and money
    fending off complaints instead of doing their job in the first

12. I requested Feng Zheng to be released to me through my congressmans
    office. On 21 January 1999 the I.N.S. San Francisco Public
    Relations Director Sharron Rummery called me and said request
    denied, she was not releaseable, contrary to what I had been told
    months earlier by the I.N.S. in Washington D.C.  Four days later,
    (26 Jan 1999) Feng Zheng was released from the Bakersfield Lerdo
    prison.  I.N.S. has no internal communications/coordination/
    information, especially in the San Francisco district.

13. Use minimum security jails or Japanese-internment camps for long-
    term incarceration of Chinese aliens, if you cannot release them.
    In Lerdo jail in Bakersfield, California, the Chinese ladies were
    held in the Maximum/Medium section of the jail, whereas there was
    a minimum security jail on the same grounds.  Both were located in
    the middle of the desert and cattle fields, if a Chinese lady got
    out she would have no idea where to go.

14. Congress passed 601?
    My wife filed an I730 to bring her son into the country.  I.N.S.
    would not tell us that the claim would not be processed while she
    had "conditional asylum", they sat on the application for 1 1/2
    years until her son was over 21 and then sent us a letter that he
    was too old to qualify.  this is dishonest and deceitful.

15. EOIR, BIA, I.N.S. districts do not share info, a common database is
    needed.  EOIR sent two very important letters concerning my wife to
    a lawyer who had moved out of state two years ago, and my wifes new
    lawyer had filed two separate G28's but the EOIR uses its own
    out-dated database and New York I.N.S. is still sending letters to
    a lawyer who has not represented by wife since 1993 but New York
    I.N.S. does not look at San Francisco I.N.S. data which is more

16. San Francisco I.N.S.
    Director Thomas Schiltgen runs what I hear is the worst, slowest
    I.N.S. office in the U.S.A. He is incompetant to staff a two-person
    office;  I received some insane answer to one of my questions once
    and later found out that one of his secretaries had left and that
    the other was sick, and he had replaced them with temporary help.
    Even the tiny companies I have worked for know that you bump the
    regular secretaries up a notch to fill in for missing high-level
    secretaries, and fill in with temps at the bottom.  And private
    company secretaries are cross-trained for this in advance.
    A Congressional Representative cannot get answer in over 2 months
    from San Francisco I.N.S., yet can get 5 minute response from
    Laguna Niguel I.N.S.  No I.N.S. office wants to take responsibility
    for the Bakersfield I.N.S.  I called Fresno, Los Angeles, and San
    Francisco; each tells me that one of the others is responsible for
    Bakersfield, or that it is being changed.

17. Congress entices the Chinese to come to the U.S. in the first
    place, to supply cheap labor, then you throw them in jail.  This
    is irrational and cruel.  Usually only one member of the family
    comes over (husband or wife) and the result of the long separation
    is usually a broken family.  If you don't want illegal immigration,
    stop giving illegal aliens work cards;  and stop letting them
    re-enter the U.S. illegally.

18. Prejudice against the Chinese.  Chinese are treated differently
    than Mexicans for doing the same thing.  Congress legalized
    Mexicans who crossed the border to work but the Chinese are thrown
    in jail for doing the same thing.  Chinese are jailed because their
    country will not take the back, unless they have a valid passport.
    This is not a problem with the Mexican government.

19. I.N.S. delayed implementation of HR3610.  My wife was in jail for
    over 3 months after this bill was passed to free her, and other
    Golden Venture refugees remained in jail even longer.  WTC (her
    initials) was in jail for 6 years, we don't know why.  She once
    was transferred for a short time, probably for San Francisco
    I.N.S., to the jail Oakland, CA. where we lived at the time, so
    we went to visit her there.

20. President Clinton ordered the Golden Venture refugees to be jailed
    indefinitely, supposedly as a deterrent, but jail is not a
    deterrent to them.  My wife spent four years in jail:
    a. Not one in 100 million Chinese knows about it so these people
       will not be deterred.
    b. Her brother did know about it, and she told him not to come
       here;  he did anyway.  The threat of jail was not a
    c. Some of the Golden Venture people who were in jail themselves
       for several years have re-entered the U.S. illegally since
       being returned to China.  JAIL was NOT a DETERRENT.
    d. A few of the Golden Venture refugees managed to get asylum in
       Ecuador (I think), South America.  I have heard that several
       of them re-entered the U.S. illegally from that country.

     The ladies in the Bakersfield, California jail were a small group.
Most of the Golden Venture refugees were imprisioned in Pennsylvania
where they received a lot of support from a local attorney and local
citizens who also recognized the evil of President Clintons actions.

01. A 1995 law passed after Tianamin Square permitted anyone who
    entered the United States legally during a certain time period
    to file for a Green Card.  ILLEGAL aliens who possessed a (C4 ?)
    card and went back to China to visit relatives were therefore
    permitted to file for a Green Card.
    A. WHY are ILLEGAL aliens permitted to RE-ENTER the U.S. legally ?
    B. WHY should those of equal status who remained in the U.S.
       be treated differently ?
    This policy makes no sense whatsoever.

02. When is the U.S. going to stop granting citizenship to every
    Mexican who can walk across the border and deliver a baby here?
    1. There is no logical reason for it; other countries do not
       grant citizenship to a baby born to illegal or alien parents !
    2. It is grossly unfair to the billions of people in other
       countries who would like to do the same but don't happen to
       have a U.S. border handy to walk across.

03. Why are known illegal aliens given work cards ?  Specifically those
    who have not filed for asylum, or are not waiting for any kind of
    immigration / legal decision ?

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