Golden Venture leads to my disability, etc:

  1. Wifes story 1993-1997
  2. Davids story 1996-1997 (23k)
  3. First Surgery photo (54k)
  4. Second Surgery photo (52k)
  5. My T-shirts (44k)
  6. Both together 1997-?
  7. I.N.S. BAD    Modified 02 Apr 2006
  8. More about I.N.S. in 1999
  9. Bakersfield Ladies
  10. Golden Venture References
  11. Health problems due to butcher surgery
Other I.N.S. / immigration subjects:
  1. Other I.N.S.    Modified 02 Apr 2006
  2. Immigration    New 02 Apr 2006    Modified 13 May 2006

  I.N.S. means Immigration and Naturalization Service, actually a dis-service and a lack-of-service, but the name has been changed to U.S.C.I.S. (USCIS) under the Department of Homeland Security to protect the guilty and to escape the horrible reputation that the I.N.S. has rightfully earned.   I.N.S. was formerly under the Department of NOJustice, a very badly named branch of government.   I.N.S. is a 'fee-for-service' agency, which means that you pay for every form or request that you submit to them.

  The original purpose of this site is to document my problems as much as I can before my death so people don't ask stupid questions after I am dead,
(like WHY did he do this?, or WHY didn't he get help?) or try to guess what I was thinking.
I spent two years trying to recover from the surgery (I never did), then went looking for an attorney who said it was too late, all my 'statutes of limitations' had expired.   No ambulance chaser when I needed one;   I shouldn't have driven myself to the emergency room.

I cannot mention my wifes name because she has an extreme fear that the Chinese government will take some kind of retribution against her children, so she will be called Wife or Mrs. Wright in all of the text.

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