old U.S. Pioneer SX-939 & SX-1010 circuit boards

These boards need a new home.
There are many more boards that have not been added yet.
Email me to hurry me up. Make an offer.

These boards probably do not work, but have good parts;
at least one board has 'NG' (No Good) marked on the back.
The SX-939 and SX-1010 shared some identical circuit boards,
the SX-1010 had more power.
The SX-1010 boards in are from a UL Labs sample, which means:
1. they were abused by UL Labs;
2. they are from one of the very first SX-1010 receivers produced or shipped to the United States.

I would prefer to sell all the boards to one source
Let me know if you need a better photograph,
some of them are not quite in focus,
and have been downsized for faster downloading.

Circuit board
Left side board is AWR054A.
Right side board is ?????

Circuit board
Left side SX-939 tuner board has had knob shaft broken off by Monitor Lizard.
Right side board is AWH032 ? Mark is badly stamped. This board is marked NG No Good on the rear

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