AT+T LG-A340 cellphone

I spent days trying to get photos off of this cellphone.
They were taken with no SD card in the phone, and therefore stored in internal memory.
The manual does not address this issue.
I called AT+T twice and LG once and got no solutions.

As far as I can tell there is absolutely no way for the Windows XP PC to view the A340 internal memory.
If anyone finds a way, please email me.

The only person that I could find online that succeeded in getting the photos off of the cellphone emailed them to himself.

I finally got the photos off by inserting an SD card,
then COPY or MOVE the photos from internal memory onto the SD card.
(I recommend COPY in case you make a mistake because it was not a simple procedure.)
(p.64 in the manual hints at the procedure under OTHER FILES.)

Then you can connect the cellphone via USB cable to Windows XP and transfer
your photos onto your PC or remove the SD card and put it in some other device.

Email me if you need more explicit instructions.
These instructions will be removed when I no longer have the A340 cellphone.

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